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Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death - Indie Film Review - Episode 205

The Cinema Psychos Show

Release Date: 02/27/2021

Spiderman: No Way Home - Movie Review - Episode 231 show art Spiderman: No Way Home - Movie Review - Episode 231

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are back from the multiverse of franchise madness and boy oh boy do we have a doozey of an episode to you with our review of Spiderman: No Way Home.  A movie that has proved to be one of the biggest films since Avengers: Endgame and one of the most buzz worthy films in recent years.  Literally all of 2021 was a combination of news on the pandemic and rumors and leaks about just how many spidermen would be in Spiderman: No Way Home.  But does a movie with that much buzz actually deliver?  We've seen so many times that when fans get whipped up into a frenzy that...

New Years Evil (1980) - Movie Review - Episode 230 show art New Years Evil (1980) - Movie Review - Episode 230

The Cinema Psychos Show

Happy New Year Psychos Nation!  It's been a hell of a 2021 and we are hopeful that 2022 just sucks a little bit less than last year.  So to kick off 2022, we are celebrating by reviewing probably one of the only slasher films that tackle New Years Eve; 1980's New Years Evil.  A movie that manages to neither scare or entertain any audience, New Years Evil is the story of  Punk Rock/New Wave Elvira Wannabe "Blaze" who on her call in music show is terrorized by a caller by the name of "Evil" who threatens to murder women at the stroke of midnight in everytime zone leading up...

The Santa Clause (1994)- Movie Review - Episode 229 show art The Santa Clause (1994)- Movie Review - Episode 229

The Cinema Psychos Show

Merry Christmas Psychos Nation!  Whether you are a grinch, a scrooge, or a card carrying member of the Jelly of the Month Club, From all of us to all of you, we wish you and your loved ones happy holidays.  As our present to all of you, this week we are tackling what might be the darkest christmas movie that just about every millenial loves.  Imagine if you will, a dead beat dad who catches a legally binding virus after accidentally killing Santa Claus throug his clothes that slowly morphs his body and mind of the course of an entire year into that of the man he killed.....Now...

Our Top Christmas Horror Movie Picks - 2021 Edition - Episode 228 show art Our Top Christmas Horror Movie Picks - 2021 Edition - Episode 228

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, John and Brian are ringing in the holidays with pure unadulterated TERROR!  We are breaking down our picks for yule tide horror currently streaming on your favorite platform.  Is this a cry for sponsorship to Shudder....maybe.  But either way, grab your favorite egg based beverage and snuggle up to your headphones as we provide you with our picks for the best Christmas Horror Movies out there today!   FROM THE CONCESSION STAND-  YOUTUBE SHOW!   We've got a brand new youtube show called "From The Concession Stand."  It is a biweekly look at all...

Dune (1984) - Movie Review - Episode 227 show art Dune (1984) - Movie Review - Episode 227

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John travel to the year 10191 the the world of Dune.  Being that Denis Villeneuve's masterpiece was recently released on HBO Max and theaters to rave reviews and serving as a visual effects schmorgasborg, we thought that instead of do a review on that movie that we take a look at the bizarre and hard to understand 1984, David Lynch version that gave us such wonderful moments like Sting in a triangle cod piece, Sir Patrick Stewart discussing that moods are for "cattle and love play", and of course the wacky wacky wacky Harkonnens.  So, grab a little bit of the...

Hellraiser (1987) - Movie Review - Episode 226 show art Hellraiser (1987) - Movie Review - Episode 226

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, Brian and John are explorers in the further reaches of experience as we take a trip back to the year 1987 and review a film that serves as a perfect fit between this gap of time between Halloween and Thanksgiving; Clive Barker's Hellraiser.  A movie that is equal parts family drama (just like thanksgiving) and sadomascistic demons from beyond the grave.....see I told you it works for both holidays.  Hellraiser was a film that stuck out from the masked killers and dream demons from the 80's.  It presented something new, an intelligent monster that ultimately was not...

Fear Street (1994/1978/1666) - Movie Review - From The Concession Stand- Episode 3 show art Fear Street (1994/1978/1666) - Movie Review - From The Concession Stand- Episode 3

The Cinema Psychos Show

What happens when nostalgia for a horror book series from the 90's collides with a streaming giant with an insatiable appetite for content....you get the 3 part extravaganza, FEAR STREET! As we come down from the halloween highs, Brian and Laine felt it was a good idea to take a deep look at this series that manages to on one hand bring a good amount of gore and decent characters to life, but at the same time anger and confuse Brian due to a lack of attention to detail or following the film's own rules. So strap into our time machine as we blow through the inner drama between Shadyside and...

Halloween Kills (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 225 show art Halloween Kills (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 225

The Cinema Psychos Show

WARNING:  SPOILERS!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!  This week, Brian and John are bursting at the seams with the spooky season spirit and tackling a review of one of the most hotly anticipated movies to drop on theaters and streaming.......NO NOT DUNE!  We are of course talking about Halloween Kills (2021).  The sequel to the 2018 hit that served as more of a mouth wash to cleanse the pallete of the Rob Zombie stink.  Yet the question remained, where do you go from here?  Last we left Michael Myers, he was roasting in a firey death trap set by Laurie Strode and fam...

Spookies (1986) - Movie Review - Episode 224 show art Spookies (1986) - Movie Review - Episode 224

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are rolling out the perfect trick (or treat depending on how much you like this movie) with a trip back in time to the 80's.....we're not sure the year because the little gem of a movie we are reviewing may have been shot in  1984, 1985, and then released in 1986, 1987, and 1988.  The movie is the mutant mish mash that is SPOOKIES!  A movie you probably remember bits of pieces from during those late nights on TNT's Monster-Vision or USA's Up-All-Night from the 90's but never actually sat down to watch the whole film.  And why would this movie not be memorable?...

CarousHELL The 2nd - Movie Review - Episode 223 show art CarousHELL The 2nd - Movie Review - Episode 223

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, John and Brian are back with a breakdown of a indie horror film just in time for Spooky Season.  Friend of the show, Steve Rudzinski has dropped the sequel to his 2016 magnum killer unicorn opus with CarousHELL The 2nd.  We try to remain fairly spoiler free on this one but be warned there are a few plot points dropped in this review that may be spoilery.  CarousHELL The 2nd is one of the rare movies that we've come across that fostered a pretty decent back and forth conversation over what worked and what didn't work, the role of story in films that feature over the...

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This week, after our review last week of the turducken of terrible that was Neil Breen's "Pass Thru" , we here at The Cinema Psychos Show needed a bit of a pallet cleanser. And wouldn't you know it, we got one in the form of the Justin Armaos' new release, "Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death." A movie that serves as not only a comedic play off of blaxsploitation cinema but also zombie movies (which has our interest already peaked as we are all based in Pittsburgh: The Zombie Capital of the World). So join us this week as we take a look at the world of Bloodsucka Jones vs The Creeping Death.


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