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EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes of Under ConTROLL- Featurette Review - Episode 206

The Cinema Psychos Show

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Jack And Jill (2011) With The Silver Linings Playlist Podcast - Episode 270 show art Jack And Jill (2011) With The Silver Linings Playlist Podcast - Episode 270

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week's movie is one that we have actively avoided since 2016.  This week, we are tackling, with the help of Dustin and Nathan of The Silver Lining's Playlist Podcast, 2011's Jack & Jill.  A movie so bad that it hurts our brains.  Why does this movie suck so bad you might ask?  Could it be the fact that Adam Sandler plays a female version of himself who's running gag is farting and pooping in every scene?  Could it be the MASSIVE amounts of product placement that make this film feel like the bumper of a Nascar race car?  Or could it be the sheer level of...

Edgar Wright - Filmmaker Retrospective with Sophia Ricciardi of MOVIESTRUCK! - Episode 269 show art Edgar Wright - Filmmaker Retrospective with Sophia Ricciardi of MOVIESTRUCK! - Episode 269

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, after a bit of a break for our live show for the 48 hour film project in Pittsburgh, we are back to look at a filmmaker that has managed to constantly merge genres with a massive talent in using all the tools of the trade to visually tell a story.  We're talking about Edgar Wright.  The filmmaker behind Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Baby Driver.  A technical wizard and a master of filmmaking choreography.  However, a massive talent like Edgar Wright requires a massive talent to assist in the review, so we are joined by fellow film podcaster, Sophia Ricciardi...

The Ladykillers (2004) - Movie Review - Episode 268 show art The Ladykillers (2004) - Movie Review - Episode 268

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week after our descent into the Breenpocalypse (seriously check episode 267 for our therapy session) we needed a serious pallete cleanser.  For us that came in the form of the 2004 film, The Ladykillers.  Deridded by critics and fans of the often celebrated Cohen Brothers, this remake of the 1955 british comedy about criminals robbing a casino by tunnelling through an elderly woman's basement is chock full of so many off the wall and darkly comedic moments.  From the need for waffles, Tom Hank's doing his best Foghorn Leghorn impression, to a yet to be super famous J.K...

Twisted Pair (2018) - The Fifth Horseman of The Breenpocalypse - Episode 267 show art Twisted Pair (2018) - The Fifth Horseman of The Breenpocalypse - Episode 267

The Cinema Psychos Show

"Please God make it stop.."  Those words were inside our heads the entire time that we watched this week's movie, Twisted Pair.  A movie by our favorite cultivator of cinematic crap, Neil Breen.  And boy oh boy, this one was bad.  Never did we think that we would long for the days of tuna, laptops, and magic rocks...but leave it to everyone's favorite god, alien, humanoid, cyborg-jesus; we started to miss the old day's of Breen.  Instead what we were left with was a bizarre green screen hellscape that then splits it's time with an abandonded community college in...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) with The Cinema Guys! - Movie Review - Episode 266 show art The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) with The Cinema Guys! - Movie Review - Episode 266

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are taking a bizarre pipe down to the neon colored, member-berry filled world of The Super Mario Bros Movie!  No, not that dystopian nightmare about trusting the fungus while Dennis Hopper searches for a meteroite.  (Check out Episode 9 for that one).  We are talking about the NEW NEW animated one that actually does a pretty decent job at portraying a video game about two brothers battling koopas, evil turtles, and Kongs.  But a movie of this magnatiude requires some special guests to tackle it and boy do we have some fantastic guests.  Cincinatti's own...

Monty Python's: The Life of Brian (1979) - Movie Review - Episode 265 show art Monty Python's: The Life of Brian (1979) - Movie Review - Episode 265

The Cinema Psychos Show

Happy Easter...Passover...or just day that happens to end in "Y".  This week, we are celebrating one of the hallmark films of the 1970's that can be credited with birthing a great deal of the comedy that we all take for granted.  1979's Life of Brian is a brilliant satire that pokes fun at everything from the concept of religion to the tenets of politics.  For it's time, the film was attacked by religious groups and even banned in the UK (a genuine Video Nasty).  But has retained a status as an influentential piece of satire that has gone on to be referenced in everything...

Kire Paputts: Director of Kire Paputts: Director of "Always Had A Nice Time"

The Cinema Psychos Show

Long time friend of the show, Kire Paputts, the award winning filmmaker behind The Last Porno Show and The Raindow Kid,  returns to talk about his new film, Always Had A Nice Time, a character-driven documentary about the unique and interesting residents of Toronto's Parkdale community. Kire shares with us his journey to producing the film and the challenges he has faced as independent filmmaker since the success of The Last Porno Show.   FOLLOW KIRE AND HIS COMPANY- MADE BY OTHER PEOPLE! Website- Facebook- Instagram- Be sure to sign up for updates as he will be launching a...

Creed III (2023) - Movie Review - Episode 263 show art Creed III (2023) - Movie Review - Episode 263

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are a little bit late to the party on this film, but we had to do an episode on Leprechaun 3 last week in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  That aside, we are talking about the newest entry into the long running Rocky Cinematic Universe, CREED III.  The third outing of Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed as he fights for his legacy against the physical embodiment of his past in Johnathan Major's, "Diamond" Damian Anderson.  This film marks Michael B. Jordan's directorial debut and based on the strength of this movie, we can't wait to see more.  However, this film...

Leprechaun 3 - Leprechaun in Tha Vegas (1995) - Episode 262 show art Leprechaun 3 - Leprechaun in Tha Vegas (1995) - Episode 262

The Cinema Psychos Show

It's St Patty's week and as is tradition, we here at The Cinema Psychos Show celebrate the holiday not by drinking green beer and eating shepard's pie....but by visiting our old friend THE LEPRECHAUN!  And this time around we are taking a look at what might be the best of the sequels in this series, 1995's Leprechaun 3!  A movie that clearly knows how ridiculous the concept of the first 2 were and decides to fully embrace the ridiculous by putting our favorite leprechaun in glittering LAS VEGAS (AKA a Los Angeles sound stage and 1 night in actual Las Vegas for exteriors).  So...

An Alcoholic Cop Who Happens To Be A WEREWOLF! - Wolfcop (2014) with Director Mark Cantu of Wolf Hollow & Massacre Academy - Episode 261 show art An Alcoholic Cop Who Happens To Be A WEREWOLF! - Wolfcop (2014) with Director Mark Cantu of Wolf Hollow & Massacre Academy - Episode 261

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are joined by Mark Cantu (Massacre Academy), the Director of the upcoming indie horror flick, WOLF HOLLOW to review one of the weirdest and most hilarious awesomely bad films that we've ever had the pleasure to view.  We are talking about the 2014 cult classic, WOLFCOP!  A movie that maybe like us you skipped past on streaming.  But let me tell you, this movie is amazing.  It has one of the most "memorable" werewolf transformations in film history and is chock full of over the practical special effects that warms my heart.  WOLF HOLLOW! Mark Cantu's new...

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This week, coming off of the heels of our review of Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death, we have an exclusive folks. Exclusive in the fact that your favorite Cinema Psychos are the first in North America to review the the behind the scenes featurette on the making of the unofficial sequel to Troll 2, "Under ConTroll" (Aka Goblin 2/Trolls World). We reviewed Under ConTroll way back in Episode 151 and one of the things we wanted to know was a bit of the madness that goes into creating this wild ride of a film. This mini documentary provides insight into that by touching on everything from practical effects, an international crew and cast with various language barriers, and of course the production of a film on an indie level. So buckle up as we peel back the curtain on the making of "Under ConTroll".

Check out Episode 151 for our review of Under ConTroll - https://bit.ly/2OgahLG


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