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Your Greatest Challenge Preventing You From Achieving Your Goal

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Release Date: 06/01/2021

Does Work - Life Balance Exist? show art Does Work - Life Balance Exist?

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

  Men, having a drive at work often comes at a sacrifice in our personal lives. How do you succeed at work and win in life? What is the key to discovering the often deeply desired "Work - Life Balance? The Truth is: Balance doesn’t exist, and it's chase leaves us stressed and nonproductive. Our problem is not really not a time increase issue…it’s a lack of time inventory and time intention!  Question: How do you become intentional with your time? Gentlemen, it's time to  Eliminate Regulate Delegate and Concentrate! Let's talk about it! If you need help, book a 1:1...

How Prayers REALLY Work show art How Prayers REALLY Work

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

I know your prayer life has felt like a struggle lately. You've been asking for something for so long, but it hasn't happened—or if it did happen, you don't feel like God was involved in the process at all.     **But here's the thing...**   **God is not a vending machine.**     When we pray, he doesn't dispense our requests like snacks or drinks—he cares about us and wants what's best for us.  In this podcast episode, you'll discover how your prayers are really being answered. It's common for us to pray for things that aren't what God wants—so we never see...

The Missing Key To Leveling Up Your Life show art The Missing Key To Leveling Up Your Life

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Men, if we are honest , the thing that keeps us up at night is…”Will I fulfill my potential as a man? Will I do enough?” One of the struggles with succeeding in anything is consistency and motivation…they go hand in hand. If I’m motivated…I can be consistent. If I’m consistent, it will motivate me. But what is the backbone of true fulfillment and potential?  Gentlemen, it's Love! Let's talk about how instead taking in a of a self-directed motivation we can walk in  a service-directed motivation.  If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me...

How To Find Fulfillment In your Work show art How To Find Fulfillment In your Work

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

STUCK!  Have you ever felt stuck?  You are out there working hard every day, you have achieved the success you worked so hard for, but at the end of the day you think is this all there is?  Your work is not fulfilling you and you are wondering if you made the right career choice?   If this is you, I know how you feel, I have been there.  But my lack of fulfillment had little to do with the actual work.   If work was not going well, then I was not going well.  It was my relationship with work that was the problem.  In this week’s podcast I discuss...

Embracing An Abundance Mindset w/ Ash Cash show art Embracing An Abundance Mindset w/ Ash Cash

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Financial Expert Ash Exantus aka “ASH CASH” is here to talk about the importance of not only personal finances but what it takes to go from having a mindset of mediocrity to abundance! As Founder and CEO of Mindright Money Management, he knows what it takes to help people maximize their fullest potential so that they can be an asset to the world!   Connect with Ash Cash : IG : If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at https://drbradmd.com Talk to you soon, Dr. Brad

Serve Your Way To Success show art Serve Your Way To Success

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

The hustle, grind, and major leverage isn't the only way to massive success. We have an alternative .... service!  Let's talk about how to Serve Your Way To Success. This is a throwback from 2020 and a great reminder for us all.  If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at https://drbradmd.com Talk to you soon, Dr. Brad Dr. Brad

The Perfect Storm That Prevents Progress In Your Work & Life show art The Perfect Storm That Prevents Progress In Your Work & Life

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Everyone wants to progress in life but often what stops us is our ability to understand what progress means for us personally and assessing our life goals.    Men, taking massive imperfect action is similar to putting a bandaid on a major bleed…it’s not fixing the underlying problem...which is a mindset issue.   We will be unpacking the difference between perfectionism and high standard of excellence as our solution to overthinking, over-exhausting our energy, and throwing our centered spirit out of alignment.    After this episode you’ll have more insight on how...

The Clarity You Want Is Just A Thought Away show art The Clarity You Want Is Just A Thought Away

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Men, we all desire to have clarity in our lives! In our health, wealth, and relationships.    However, we don’t spend enough time THINKING about what this means as we live in a world of “just get it done” or accept “ I don't know as the answer.”    What if “ I don’t know “ is unacceptable ?    Let’s challenge our current direction and way of thinking.    When we get clarity on what we want we will be unstoppable!    This requires :    Thinking time.  Reading time.  Relationship time.    But we...

What Does Winning Mean To You? show art What Does Winning Mean To You?

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Men, the challenge is that we all want to win.  But how do we know when we are winning? Not all success is sustainable.  Not at all success is healthy. You can be winning and losing at the same time.  You can be winning in at work but losing at life. We define success by Material, Money, Media (social), Merit (what you do).  When we define success by these things there is no end. You can succeed in a healthy way. Winning is: Selfless, Service, and  Simultaneously Rewarding. Why are you going after your goals? What is the direction?  Become satisfied (fulfilled)...

How To Successfully Start A New Habit show art How To Successfully Start A New Habit

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

It’s not hard to start a new habit, but it is hard to STICK a new habit!  The reality can be very hard to start a new habit.  You need to develop a level of consistency to build a new habit. The biggest issue to sustain a new habit is implementing methods only.  We even try to schedule the new method to make it stick.    But the formula is new method plus mindset to make it the new habit stick.  You cannot not consistently behave in a way that is incongruent with who you believe yourself to be. You cannot out method a poor mindset!   You need clarification!...

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I know you have BIG goals that you are excited about! I’m talking about the BIG ones!! The visions, the dreams, and the hopes that are almost SCARY when you think about them! I get it! I have those same ones.


Here is what typically happens…

  • We get excited about our goals and dreams…
  • We write them down
  • We start going after them

And we think that the biggest challenge to achieving our goal is the hard work & consistency of doing the actual tasks that will help us achieve the goal.


Therefore, we invest our time, money, and energy toward things that help us with those tasks

For example:

  • Health goals à Get Gym membership
  • Business goals à Purchase and take an online course or conference
  • Career goals à Development of new skills
  • Husband & Fatherhood à Spend more time with wife & family

But how many times have you tried the NEW THING or some NEW TASK that sounds like it’s supposed to work…and then results never change?? OR it only changes temporarily??


Trust me…I’m not saying these tasks and behaviors are not important, because they are…HOWEVER…what I’ve found is that it IS NOT THE TASKS AND BEHAVIORS that are your greatest challenge in achieving your goals.


The greatest challenge you have in achieving your goals is NOT GETTING BETTER…it is BELIEVING BETTER!!

  • It’s believing enough to get started, but also believing enough to continue when everything around you says…it ain’t possible!!



Remember the ‘success sequence’ and embed it in your memory:


Beliefs à Thoughts à Feelings à Actions/Behaviors à Results


We are trying to change our results by changing our behaviors only. And the reality is, we aren’t going back deep enough into the success sequence to create new lasting change. To create new results you have to have new belief…not just new behaviors! The new belief will translate into new behaviors which will eventually turn into new results. The beliefs that go in are the results that come out!


Also, consider this. Typically, the way our internal beliefs are formed is by our external environment. Our external environment includes everything around us including (1) people around us, (2) things we watch and listen to, and a HUGE one is (3) our current results. Our current results, which are often not where we want to be, is constantly convincing us that WE ARE OUR CURRENT RESULTS! Our current results, shape our internal belief and identity. For example, if you currently earn a certain income, but want to make more, then your current income is shaping your mind to believe that you ARE your current income…and therefore leading to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you at that income.


The good news is that your mind and the beliefs you have are equally influenced by your internal environment, just as strong and effective as your external environment. Your internal environment includes (1) things you tell yourself, (2) memories, (3) new intentional directed thoughts. Therefore, you can literally direct your thoughts to create beliefs that will lead to new behaviors and new results!


However, your greatest challenge is maintaining the thoughts that create a belief that is consistent with the goals you are pursuing…when EVERYTHING AROUND IS TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU ARE YOUR CURRENT RESULTS!




For example…I was once a night owl. I HATED getting up early. However, I needed to change my routine. I did everything I could to switch my habits from night owl to early riser…bought books, set my alarm earlier, etc. But it wouldn’t happen. Not until I started working on a new belief, by directing my thoughts toward believing I was an early riser…did I change. I now get up consistently between 5-6am and get more done in my day. NEW BELIEF = NEW RESULTS


Here are some steps you can practice to start building a new belief:

  1. Train the brain
    1. Write an affirmation (start with 1…whatever your greatest goal is):
      1. Begin the affirmation with the words…”I AM __________” and fill in the blank with the vision you have of yourself. (i.e. I AM a millionaire, I AM in great shape, I AM a great & loving husband, etc.)
    2. Reinforce the affirmation:
      1. “I AM the type of man who _________”. Fill in the blank with behaviors that the person described in your affirmation would do. (i.e. I am the type of person that calls more clients…that works out 3 times a week…etc.
    3. Say the affirmations daily multiple times a day
      1. Believe what you say. Envision and experience the future achieved goal when you say the affirmations and reinforcements. Connect emotionally with your goal and FEEL it happening!
    4. Create a positive external environment
      1. What are you listening to?? Listen to things that inspire and help solidify your beliefs…like this podcast J

Stay consistent with these actions to create a new internal environment and watch what happens! But remember…your toughest challenge will be actually believing it. Stay consistent and you’ll get better…and so will your results!


If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at https://drbradmd.com

Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad