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Your Greatest Challenge Preventing You From Achieving Your Goal

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

Release Date: 06/01/2021

How to Make Critical Decisions For Work & Life show art How to Make Critical Decisions For Work & Life

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

We make critical decisions for our work and life every day. These decisions ultimately determine our destiny. Therefore we should have a framework that we run our decisions through, that can ensure that we are making decisions that will ultimately reach our goals. We discuss a 'regret-free' decision making system that you can use for making decisions for both work and life.

Your Greatest Challenge Preventing You From Achieving Your Goal show art Your Greatest Challenge Preventing You From Achieving Your Goal

ELITE PerforMENce with Dr. Brad

The greatest challenge you face when it comes to achieving your goals is not what you think. Many of us believe we simply need to work harder or do more tasks that will help us reach our goals. The tasks we do are important...but not nearly as important as focusing on your thoughts and beliefs. New beliefs = New results!

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We often times think we don't have enough time to achieve our goals. However, what I've learned is that it's not that we don't have the time...is more that we don't fully understand how to make time work in our favor. In this episode we discuss a critical concept about how to perceive time, so that you can CREATE time to get your goals done!

Making Making "Shift" Happen with Anthony Trucks

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BONUS MUST LISTEN EPISODE!! A TON of value on this episode! Anthony Trucks (former NFL athlete, Identity Shift Coach, Speaker, and Author) and I discuss how to shift your identity to create significant changes in your life!

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Today I discuss the first and most critical step toward breaking a bad habit. We dive into understanding your behavior and what actually drives you to do things that you know don't benefit you (aka 'bad habits') and what you can do to start overcoming your worst habits so that you can begin experiencing the results you desire in work and life.

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I discuss feeling stuck...like something is missing, despite the fact having experienced success in your career or business. Ultimately, there is more to life that what success has to offer and I discuss THE ONE THING that we often miss and overlook that can allow us to have tremendous fulfillment AND success!

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I know you have BIG goals that you are excited about! I’m talking about the BIG ones!! The visions, the dreams, and the hopes that are almost SCARY when you think about them! I get it! I have those same ones.


Here is what typically happens…

  • We get excited about our goals and dreams…
  • We write them down
  • We start going after them

And we think that the biggest challenge to achieving our goal is the hard work & consistency of doing the actual tasks that will help us achieve the goal.


Therefore, we invest our time, money, and energy toward things that help us with those tasks

For example:

  • Health goals à Get Gym membership
  • Business goals à Purchase and take an online course or conference
  • Career goals à Development of new skills
  • Husband & Fatherhood à Spend more time with wife & family

But how many times have you tried the NEW THING or some NEW TASK that sounds like it’s supposed to work…and then results never change?? OR it only changes temporarily??


Trust me…I’m not saying these tasks and behaviors are not important, because they are…HOWEVER…what I’ve found is that it IS NOT THE TASKS AND BEHAVIORS that are your greatest challenge in achieving your goals.


The greatest challenge you have in achieving your goals is NOT GETTING BETTER…it is BELIEVING BETTER!!

  • It’s believing enough to get started, but also believing enough to continue when everything around you says…it ain’t possible!!



Remember the ‘success sequence’ and embed it in your memory:


Beliefs à Thoughts à Feelings à Actions/Behaviors à Results


We are trying to change our results by changing our behaviors only. And the reality is, we aren’t going back deep enough into the success sequence to create new lasting change. To create new results you have to have new belief…not just new behaviors! The new belief will translate into new behaviors which will eventually turn into new results. The beliefs that go in are the results that come out!


Also, consider this. Typically, the way our internal beliefs are formed is by our external environment. Our external environment includes everything around us including (1) people around us, (2) things we watch and listen to, and a HUGE one is (3) our current results. Our current results, which are often not where we want to be, is constantly convincing us that WE ARE OUR CURRENT RESULTS! Our current results, shape our internal belief and identity. For example, if you currently earn a certain income, but want to make more, then your current income is shaping your mind to believe that you ARE your current income…and therefore leading to thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you at that income.


The good news is that your mind and the beliefs you have are equally influenced by your internal environment, just as strong and effective as your external environment. Your internal environment includes (1) things you tell yourself, (2) memories, (3) new intentional directed thoughts. Therefore, you can literally direct your thoughts to create beliefs that will lead to new behaviors and new results!


However, your greatest challenge is maintaining the thoughts that create a belief that is consistent with the goals you are pursuing…when EVERYTHING AROUND IS TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU ARE YOUR CURRENT RESULTS!




For example…I was once a night owl. I HATED getting up early. However, I needed to change my routine. I did everything I could to switch my habits from night owl to early riser…bought books, set my alarm earlier, etc. But it wouldn’t happen. Not until I started working on a new belief, by directing my thoughts toward believing I was an early riser…did I change. I now get up consistently between 5-6am and get more done in my day. NEW BELIEF = NEW RESULTS


Here are some steps you can practice to start building a new belief:

  1. Train the brain
    1. Write an affirmation (start with 1…whatever your greatest goal is):
      1. Begin the affirmation with the words…”I AM __________” and fill in the blank with the vision you have of yourself. (i.e. I AM a millionaire, I AM in great shape, I AM a great & loving husband, etc.)
    2. Reinforce the affirmation:
      1. “I AM the type of man who _________”. Fill in the blank with behaviors that the person described in your affirmation would do. (i.e. I am the type of person that calls more clients…that works out 3 times a week…etc.
    3. Say the affirmations daily multiple times a day
      1. Believe what you say. Envision and experience the future achieved goal when you say the affirmations and reinforcements. Connect emotionally with your goal and FEEL it happening!
    4. Create a positive external environment
      1. What are you listening to?? Listen to things that inspire and help solidify your beliefs…like this podcast J

Stay consistent with these actions to create a new internal environment and watch what happens! But remember…your toughest challenge will be actually believing it. Stay consistent and you’ll get better…and so will your results!


If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at https://drbradmd.com

Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad