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Bonus Episode - The Good Wife by Runt and the Outcasts

Eldritch Dice Podcast

Release Date: 06/11/2021

Episode 183-What Happens in Elthara Stays in Elthara show art Episode 183-What Happens in Elthara Stays in Elthara

Eldritch Dice Podcast

Except Khao. She goes where she wants. It's been a long, fun-filled journey with the Outcasts. Thanks for sharing it with us, and God bless.

Episode 182-Moonfall show art Episode 182-Moonfall

Eldritch Dice Podcast

With Necco'Boralas consuming the World Tree seed, Mal'Nirax gleefully watches the party collapse...

Episode 180-Attack at Aethermount show art Episode 180-Attack at Aethermount

Eldritch Dice Podcast

As Naivarra and Nysan prepare for the last stage of their quest, Naivarra has an otherwordly visitation.

Episode 181-Return to the Whispering Peaks show art Episode 181-Return to the Whispering Peaks

Eldritch Dice Podcast

Emerging from the World Tree root, the Outcasts rush to the Whispering Peaks to confront Necco'Boralas.

Episode 179-Villainous Ultimatum show art Episode 179-Villainous Ultimatum

Eldritch Dice Podcast

As the Outcasts battle to protect the World Tree from his fiendish forces, Mal'Nirax taunts the party.

Episode 178-Rumble in the Bramble show art Episode 178-Rumble in the Bramble

Eldritch Dice Podcast

At the center of Elthara, the Outcasts fight to preserve the World Tree from a fiendish assault.

Episode 177-Brought to Light show art Episode 177-Brought to Light

Eldritch Dice Podcast

With the forgotten history revealed in the translated book, ancient orders are made anew, while the Outcasts finish their preparations to defend the World Tree.

Episode 176-Sundered Gods show art Episode 176-Sundered Gods

Eldritch Dice Podcast

An abridgement of historical records long sealed away in the Vault of the Paladins, with a focus on Elcalar and Aramil, and the roles they played in the formation of Elthara and the creation of its inhabitants.

Episode 175-Gods of the West show art Episode 175-Gods of the West

Eldritch Dice Podcast

Putting clues together, the party makes plans for their next move, and Take finds what he was looking for in the lost lore Khao brought back from the Vault of the Paladins.

Episode 174-Big Spenders show art Episode 174-Big Spenders

Eldritch Dice Podcast

Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you a brand spanking new body and obscure historical information.

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This is a song Runt learned to perform while at his stay at The Drowsy Horseman in episode 4. It is a hit at every tavern across all of Highland.

Verse 1:
Her cheeses are famous
with a master's technique.
From Southport to Valheim,
but, my, do they reek.
Each wheel is a treasure.
The Lord would agree.
Folks travel for miles
for some cheddar or brie.

Verse 2:
One night while her husband
was bundling the hay,
an ogre came suddenly
and snatched her away.
He saw the large footprints
and knew what to do.
He gathered some stuff
and began to pursue.

My, oh my, oh how do they reek
The good wife knows how to make a cottage stink.

Verse 3:
He entered the cave
and emptied a sack.
The ogre stood up,
and readied an attack.
Some pots and some pans,
some clothes and a comb.
He blew her a kiss
and headed back home.