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207 Irene O'Garden

Stories that Empower

Release Date: 08/30/2021

210 Anne Heck show art 210 Anne Heck

Stories that Empower

Anne's journey is a story of healing and life transforming experience. At 26, while she was out cycling, she was violently beaten and raped. This shifted her world. The trauma affected her physically, causing her anxiety and breathlessness. Ann tried different types of healing. The shift came when her daughter ws born. Ann leaned into spirit. She knew trust would come, which it did. By forgiving/blessing her attacker and herself, Ann was able to find a balance of flow and ease.

209 Margie Odom show art 209 Margie Odom

Stories that Empower

Margie's journey with emotional eating began as a child. She struggled getting that part of her life under control. Margie realized that we wasn't practicing self care. So, she embarked on a new journey to heal old wounds and build resilience. Margie knew she was moving in the right direction as her desire to eat food for comfort was lessening. She now shares this knowledge with her clients.

208 Ashley Sweeney show art 208 Ashley Sweeney

Stories that Empower

Ashley was violently assaulted by a man that she loved. This ended the relationship. She locked the grief away into closets for a long time. Recently, she thought about what she should do with the time that's been gifted to her. So, Ashley confronted her long buried pain and gave herself permission to revisit the assault. She took the time and room to uncover her own hurt, although it was extremely painful. Ashley realized that she had been suffering from PTSD, but masked it with a sunny disposition.

207 Irene O'Garden show art 207 Irene O'Garden

Stories that Empower

When Irene was younger, she overate and had body image issues. She played with alternatives. Then, at the age of 62, Irene went on a wilderness journey, where she took risks. Those experiences provided her with tremendous healing. She realized that we have tremendous love for one another.

206 Lynn McLaughlin show art 206 Lynn McLaughlin

Stories that Empower

Lynn's daughter experienced debilitating anxiety.  Lynn feels that we need to change the way that we view and approach mental illness, as it's currently fragmented, whereas we are whole beings. Today, she helps others tell their stories.

205 Stephanie Raffelock show art 205 Stephanie Raffelock

Stories that Empower

Stephanie was a troubled kid. She left home at 17, made it through 20s and decided to go back in her 30s to heal something that was left undone. Stephanie pursued her education. Her life story is all about second chances.

204 Paul Corson show art 204 Paul Corson

Stories that Empower

Paul had visionary experiences, where he felt the source of God's power. He felt, touched and was overwhelmed by a loving light, which he was in the embrace of a God like force. Paul's experiences were validated as credible.

203 Kathy Pooler show art 203 Kathy Pooler

Stories that Empower

Kathy experienced many challenges in her life, to include two emotionally abusive marriages, an alcoholic son and a life threatening cancer. She lived with guilt and shame. Kathy relied on her faith to get through each day and to climb out of the abyss.

202 Michael Woodward show art 202 Michael Woodward

Stories that Empower

Michael's house was becoming a burden to him and his family. They were trying to hold onto this place. When they kicked out of their home (by their landlord), they chose not to view this as a tragic story, but rather as an exciting story. So, they went on an adventure and traveled as a family. This changed what they value as a family.

201 Karen Noe show art 201 Karen Noe

Stories that Empower

When Karen was going through a very difficult time in her life, she yelled at God. She asked "am I going to be OK?". Karen saw a light, which enveloped her and was spreading a message of peace. She empowers others to feel deceased loved ones.

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Irene O'Garden - Author, Glad To Be Human: Adventures in Optimism — Seek The Joy Podcast

When Irene was younger, she overate and had body image issues. She played with alternatives. Then, at the age of 62, Irene went on a wilderness journey, where she took risks. Those experiences provided her with tremendous healing. She realized that we have tremendous love for one another. Irene shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom:
- where we focus on creates the reality that we experience
- we are meant to risk
- we are meant to grow
- be present in the moment
- feel the breath
- we are meant to be here
- we can regain our balance
- let things flow through you
- physical activity is a powerful way of healing
- we are meant to move
- contribute and serve
- kindness is infinite
- spread joy
- it's within our power to inspire ourselves and others
- we get what we focus on
- it matters what we are watching, saying, thinking
- our thoughts create our experiences
- it's about how we focus our attention
- we make the choice where we put our attention
- we are practicing optimists
- know that your healthy self is right there with you
- habits can be changed
- movement
- experiment with getting into nutrition
- allow yourself to take steps towards the self that you physically want to create
- let your body begin to tell you what it wants


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