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Leadership in Post Covid World

Lessons for Leaders

Release Date: 09/09/2021

Common topics / situations and requirements for leadership in post covid world.


  • Common leadership qualities that people are looking for and are needed to support your business and your people
  • Why culture is important and how you might re-look at that
  • How great communication brings people into the fold
  • What you can do to build trust
  • Why burnout is such a big thing to watch out for alongside your other mental wellbeing plans
  • The common options people are using to develop this leadership in a post covid world.

These are some of the things I’m seeing in organisations – and of course, some of the things I’m being asked to supply too.

Now, if you’re thinking as you listen to this that you might as well switch off now, well,  I’m not high enough up to influence this – wait.  There’s some podcasts coming that will help change your mind about this, so listen on here and get the full picture.

Leadership skills

Obviously, having great leadership skills is a given.  But what does good leadership look like?


With the continuing of remote working, hybrid working – whatever type of working format is happening, it has become imperative for managers to develop strong leadership qualities to manage teams remotely, inspire and bring out the best in them.



Build a culture that people want to be part of.

Lots of people have been telling me they’re feeling flat, low, fed up … a common phrase was “lost their mojo”.  Part of this is because of lockdown and the covid situation – there’s no connection, working all the time, lost enthusiasm etc.


Listen in to why building culture is important in helping this and what you can do.



Communicating in a way that engages people, draws them in, takes them with you and means they want to share information with you – good, bad and ugly – also means you’re ahead of the game with situations in the workplace.

Good communication creates trust.

Listen for more on this.


This is important to listen to.  If you've got people saying they're feeling low, fed up then grab the other podcast on burnout and make sure you're implementing things that help prevent burnout.

How do we lead in a post covid world?

I share the common development and leadership plans I'm seeing and working on with organisations so that you can get an idea of what's topical and working at the moment.


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