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Wu Tang Clan

This Is Rad!

Release Date: 09/22/2021

Arthur show art Arthur

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined buy Bineet Kaur for a chat about that beloved ardvark of book and screen Arthur Read. They chat about the long running PBS series, which spins off into a conversation about PBS youth programming in general. Kyle also read the books as a kid and they chat about his evolving look over the years. Plus, a nice chat about yearbooks. So let's learn to work and play and podcast with each other.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Confess, Fletch (movie) Matthew – Overwatch (video game) Bineet – Crazy for You by Best Coast (album)   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a...

Naked and Afraid show art Naked and Afraid

This Is Rad!

This week we are joined by our most requested return guest, the one and only Brent Schmidt. In the past Brent has brought us aliens, chaos magic, and children who turn into animals. So what psychedelic trip did he want to take us on this time? The popular discovery channel franchise Naked and Afraid. They chat survivalism, television production, and their own personal Primitive Survival Rating. Plus, Naked and Afraid has a dating show spin off. We always love when Brent comes on and he does not disappoint.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Analog Horror (internet based horror subgenre) Burnside –...

Frasier show art Frasier

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew are joined by comedian Alyssa Stevenson to chat about everyone's favorite Seattle-based radio therapist. Frasier is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. But Kyle and Matt are woefully ignorant. We chat the origins of Fraiser, debate if Kelsey Grammar is the most powerful person on earth, and the shocking similarities between Frasier and King of the Hill. Plus, we even have time to discuss Pork Roll/Taylor Ham...   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Cobra Kai Season 5 (show), The Weekend: After Hours Nightmare (Horror Nights Maze) Matthew – Killer Clowns From Outer...

Swifties (Part 1) show art Swifties (Part 1)

This Is Rad!

This week the boys had a limited window to record. But hey, at least they picked a topic that could go on for hours. We are joined by meltdown fam Flora Petrosian joins us for an initial descent into the fervor, excitement, and occasional madness that goes with the life of a Swifty. For those still confused about that that means, a Swifty is a Taylor Swift super fan. Now, before you get all judgy, we learn that there is deep and multilayered lore to the Taylor Swift-iverse. A lot of it. So much that we're barely able to scratch the surface. So settling in for this introduction and Flora will...

Listener Questions August 2022 (with special guest Rivers Langley!) show art Listener Questions August 2022 (with special guest Rivers Langley!)

This Is Rad!

This month Kyle and Burnside spice up listener questions by welcoming the one and only Rivers Langley from our sister show The Goods from the Woods. Among many things they chat jam bands, little moments of pleasure, and the power of imagination...   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person: Director's Cut which is out TODAY! You can go to   and pay what you want for the full uncut set from “I'm a Person” which includes 20 mins of unheard material, plus an additional 15 minutes of never released bonus live recordings!   GO CHECK OUT LAURA'S Summer of Rad...

Tabletop RPGs show art Tabletop RPGs

This Is Rad!

This week Kyle and Matthew welcome Tim Groschel and Jacob Trimmer from the Let Them Fight podcast for a chat about one of our shows favorite topics, Tabletop RPGs. While we have covered this a time or two before Tim and Jacob bring some fun and fresh takes. Their group of friends have made their own original tabletop RPG games and they break down a few of them for us. We talk about what makes a good campaign, confusing NPCs, and what it takes to break a game. Plus, we ruminate on things that still need to be turned into a game.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Yellowjackets (show) Matthew –...

Smutty Movies show art Smutty Movies

This Is Rad!

This week the boys are joined by comedian Emily Kirk for a conversation about her love of smut. What is smut? How it it different than porn or something that is “steamy”? We get into it and in the process we discuss a whole lot of sexy, sexy movies. Plus, Emily breaks down what she loves about smutty movies and how they've influenced her life and her comedy. Prepare to be erotically thrilled!   Weekly Rads: Kyle – Grant Morrison's Batman run (so far...) (comic) Matthew – Boyfriend Dungeon (video game) Tahitian Emily – The Rehearsal (show) BONUS: Ski (soda)   Get Kyle...

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds show art Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

This Is Rad!

The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town! Burnside is back from Ohio and Kyle is back from out of town comedy shows and the first episode back is IRL baby! If that wasn't enough, they're joined by two of our favorite guests Ed Greer and Klee Wiggins to chat about new Star Trek, old Star Trek and future Star Trek. But first everybody has some catching up to do since the boys haven't recorded an episode since mid-June. It's good to be back and even better to be chatting with Klee and Ed about Star Trek.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – All That Jazz (movie) Burnside – Going to a real...

Being a Creator show art Being a Creator

This Is Rad!

This week the boys welcome comedian and creator Rey Reyes. Like Kyle and Matt, Rey is constantly working on a lot of creative projects. They discuss the highs and lows of making stuff. The ways it affects your life and the things you do for the love of making stuff. Plus, fair amount of video game talk in this one. This episode concludes our run of pre-recorded episodes. Next week the boys return with some piping hot fresh rad.   Weekly Rad: Matthew - God's Favorite Idiot (show) Kyle – Playdate (handheld video game system) Rey – Home Decor   Get Kyle Clark's I'm a Person:...

Summer Boiz show art Summer Boiz

This Is Rad!

For our final installment of Summer of Rad 2022 we find ourselves with just our boys Kyle and Matthew having a little hang. After mulitple guests dropped for a final ep before Burnside left, the boys ended up having an excuse to just bro-down about life, summer, and the pod. Just close your eyes and pretend we're all in Burnside's parents basement trying to avoid the mid-day heat and kicking back.   Weekly Rads: Kyle – The Playdate (handheld video game) Burnside – The iPhone 14 MAX (phone)   Come see Kyle at Gilman Brewing with Andy Iwancio July 30th at 7:30pm Get your tickets...

More Episodes

This week Kyle and Matthew discuss a topic that ain't nothing to [email protected] with. They are joined by one of Rad's favorite guests, the one and only Ed Greer for a rousing discussion about the music and the cultural impact of The Wu Tang Clan. What kind of impact does the idea of rappers as super heroes do to a young person's brain? What are the entry points for getting into Wu Tang and what are the essential albums? All this and several hours more will get discussed as we step into the slums of Shaolin and enter the 36 chambers...


Weekly Rads:

Kyle - Cobra Kai (show)

Matthew - Code Red Mountain Dew float (tasty treat)

Ed - The fallout from the Rocketeer reboot having a black lead (thing that happened)


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