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What a Creep: "Not Fade Away" Bonus Ep "Concert Tragedies: The Who in 1979"

What a Creep

Release Date: 11/07/2021

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What a Creep: Not Fade Away Podcast Bonus Ep 

“The Who in Cincinnatti”

The Travis Scott “Astroworld” Concert Tragedy

(This episode was originally released in December 2019) 

In today’s episode, we talk about the tragedy at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati that took place on December 3, 1979. On that night 11 people were killed trying to enter the doors for a concert by The Who.

At the time it was the worst concert tragedy in American history. “Festival Seating” was demonized and the term “stampede” was irresponsibly used to describe it and other incidents over the years. So what actually happened that night? Take a listen to this show!

In this episode, I am helped by someone who was key to disseminating information the night of Monday, December 3, 1979, in Cincinnati, Paul Wertheimer, founder, and principal of Crowd Management Strategies. The information he gives us will be invaluable to truly understand what happened and why the same mistakes keep popping up around the world.

The full list of those killed that day are as follows:

Karen Morrison 15 Finneytown OH

Stephan Preston 19 Finneytown OH

Philip Snyder 20 Franklin OHWalter Adams Jr. 22 Trotwood OH

Peter Bowes 18 Wyoming OH

Connie Sue Burns 21 Miamisburg OH

Jacqueline Eckerle 15 Finneytown OH

David Heck 19 Highland Heights KY (Who had escaped the melee only to go back to save people and get crushed in the crowd.)

Teva Rae Ladd 27 Newtown OH (She left behind a husband and two children)

Bryan Wagner 17 Fort Thomas KY

James Warmoth 21 Franklin OH

I want to take this moment give a special shout out to some of my best resources:

Paul Wertheimer

Wikipedia (Please support them by the way.)

Rock and Roll Tragedy From Rolling Stone magazine published January 4, 1980

Are The Kids Alright? By John Grant Fuller

People who provided voices:

Dana Buckler from the How is this Movie podcast as Major Dale Menkhuas

David the Producer from The Unwriteable Rant Podcast as Mark Helmkamp

Nick from the Dependent Independent Podcast as Phil Sheridan

Austin Beach from  the Wynabego Warrior The Tale Of John Waynnabe podcast as Richard Klopp

Jennifer Menges from widely travelled.com. as Diana Cubert

Stuart Menges from WidleyTraveled.com as Pete Townshend

Neil Cetrangolo of the Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast and the Halos & Heathens Vlog as Michael Kanzer

Erin Whitehead of the Braless Podcast as our unnamed concertgoer

Sean Cocca from the Childhood Remastered Podcast as Dan Smith

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