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How to Know if You Need A New Roof

watkinsway's podcast

Release Date: 11/24/2021

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watkinsway's podcast

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watkinsway's podcast

There is no way to truly know if you need a new roof or not without a professional roofing contractor doing a roof inspection.

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Chuck: Okay. Also, how are you? Um, great. Chuck, how are you doing good, man. I mean, it's great to be in Jackson. You know, a lot of times I'll do these remote and it's great to be up here with you guys at walk-ins zoo. You and Michael, hadn't seen you in awhile. Uh, so you know, our topic for today is we're going to talk about a new roof when somebody needs a new roof.

So in the pre-talk we're talking about somebody, you know, they might come home one day, they're driving into the garage and see shingles sliding down the roof, or, uh, might see some shingles late in the yard. If they had a strong wind or sustained. The laundry room or something like that. So let's talk about getting a new roof from walk-ins and what that looks like.

You know, the shingles that you guys use the warranties, because I know you guys, everything that you guys do with that is going to be more than average roofing company up here. So talk to us a little bit about a new roof and what that looks like

Austin: walking some desks. Okay. So the first thing that we always like to recommend to a customer when they're considering a new roof, isn't it.

Right. It's like, so a lot of people don't know how old their roof is. Right. It's very, very rare. In my 15 years of doing this, that I've come across a customer and said, yep, I've replaced this roof in oh six. And I replaced it this year and this year. So a lot of people buy houses that are transitioned. So we recommend first as an inspection, come out, do an inspection.

Let's figure out what you have going on. Right. The first thing we do when we perform that inspection is that we're going to evaluate the life expectancy of your. Right. We believe in laying out information for homeowners and then letting homeowners make educated decisions. So with a replacement, if we feel that your roof is at the end of your life, then we're going to let you know that it's at the end of your life.

But we're going to back that up with quality information, photographs, videos, they're going to help you better understand why your roof is failing. A lot of people that just want to sell somebody, something they won't give. Information behind it, right? Like we're going to make a recommendation. If that recommendation turns into you buying a roof from us.

Great. But we're going to inform you first and foremost. So once you get the inspection, we come out. What we do is we have a technology called. Or we take some photos around the outside of the home. And at that point we'll generate a report. Now, sometimes we can get that report while we're there.

Sometimes we have to leave and come back. Right. But at which point we're going to perform the inspection poor hover. And then once we've got all our measurements, we'll go ahead and generate you an estimate. When that estimate's ready, we're going to come out and we're gonna do a nice presentation that shows you all of the options available.

So we have everything from very standard Morty's that are short term, depending upon the situation. And then we have long-term warranties. Our standard in house Morty is 10 years. And we have a 25 year no leak warranty. That's actually backed by the manufacturer itself, Owens Corning because we're the only platinum contractor in central Mississippi.

So after our rep goes through all of the evaluation of the property and we have our measurements, we put together the estimate and we try to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the level of detail that the customer is interested in, in the house itself. Helping you better understand and inform you of what's going on with your property.

And at which point, obviously, if we can gain your business great, if not, then we're going to leave you in a better understanding of what you have going on. Okay.

Chuck: So that's the upfront process. So let's talk about assistance is about a new roof. Let's talk about what that new roof looks like when you guys show up at a, you guys have, equippers tell everybody what the equipped.

How you guys are going to handle that root cause a lot of people are wondering, okay, we're really going to, obviously they're going to take the old shingles off, but a lot of people want to know, especially guys, are you going to get that old felt off? You can make sure you're going to inspect my deck and make sure that my deck is in good shape.

Cause that's, that's a real, you know, I'm 55. I'm thinking about those studies and thinking about longevity of this stuff. So tell us how that looks from the equipped or showing up to what kind of shingle you're putting on there and what

Austin: that process is. Okay. So once your job comes in, we put a lot of stress and communication.

Front end before we even show up. So we do run a little bit of a backlog. So once your job actually enters into our system, you'll be communicated by production where they'll give you a schedule date, and if there's weather or inclement weather or anything like that, we'll keep you updated on how your date changes.

Once your date arrives. We have a project manager, right? So he'll knock on your door about 7:00 AM. They'll introduce himself to you. They'll let you know who he is. He'll let you know about the crew. If there's anything that needs to be addressed, dealt with cars that need to be moved. Any of those things we'll deal with all that.

From there. What we would do is we use our, what we call catchalls, right? So this netting system, and we put that netting system around the outside of the property. What that's designed to do is to help that material shoot off right. Come off and keep from bushes, tulips, all the things that you really want to protect from there, we rolled the equipment.

Encrypted goes into the driveway, depending upon the yard and the situation, the access, the equipped, or may go into the backyard. It may not. It's hard to say, but ultimately that dumpster will be raised up to the roof line to help avoid debris hitting

Chuck: the prop guy. And I know enough to know that those do have oversized and turf type.

Yes to help protect. So I know that that's going to be a real concern for the ladies,

Austin: right? Absolutely. So we use plywood and that's where the project manager comes in. Right. That project manager says, yeah, he, his job is to basically make a roadmap for our crew lead and say, look, man, this is where this can go.

This is where this can't go. Now also on the front end, we're going to walk through those. You know, our reps are going to clearly set the expectation of what you should see on the property. When we show up, that's a very big part of what we do in our training every week is that we want our customers to have zero surprises.

If we can set and manage expectations, odds are, we can make you happy and we can get a great review.

Chuck: And, you know, that's part of what this podcast is about. I think that an educated client is a happier, oh,

Austin: I couldn't agree more. So after that, once we were going to strip the roof, Bearwood and one of our favorite things that you do, and you'll see with any of our reps that come in your home, you'll hear it.

W we show you the actual plywood, right. That we're using. Now, you may have slat decking or some other type of decking, but we show you piece of plywood. We love to knock on it. If you don't hear our reps go, because when we're putting that roof on, we want to knock on that wood and make sure that it's rocks up, right.

Because without a nail. What else can you do? Right. So we have to make sure all that's there. Once we've done that, we're going to install all of the underlayments valley liners. We put ice and water shield, which is a peel and stick rubber membrane that our rep will discuss and go over with you. So once we know that all the penetrations are protected with the ice and water shield, when you

Chuck: roll your you're actually putting that ice and water around that plumbing pipe.

Yep. Yep.

Austin: We use some options with bullet boots. Uh, we like to screw down. Are flashing around

Chuck: bullet. I've seen that thing before it actually goes over the pipe and the water can't get through that thing,

Austin: period. Not at all. Most of the time, it's a sleeve that slides over the patch, right? And that, that sleeve completely encapsulates the pipe itself.

Most roofers will use a flashing and then paint that. So we, we prefer to use that. Now we will use the others if it's budget friendly, right? Cause we have, we like options. The beauty of what we try to do and teach to our reps on the front end is that we don't need to show. The highest end thing on you, right?

Because there are people are just in different situations. Some people have rental properties, some people were in home for short periods of time. Our objective is to earn your business and whatever decision you make, you were educated, informed, and offered all options. That's what we teach every single day, educate, inform, and offer.

Whatever one you pick as an owner is completely up to you. So the underlayment goes on the mean solar shingles. We use Owens Corning shingles, where, like I said, we're the only platinum preferred contractor in middle Mississippi. So we use Owens Corning shingles. We prefer to use the duration shingle whenever possible.

Okay. Let's

Chuck: stop right there. And don't talk about that platinum certification. So that means my understanding of that. That means that y'all are the only one that can sell a 15 year warranty for Owens Corning,

Austin: correct? Correct. In middle Mississippi, that's important to the absolutely. You will not. You will see a lot of other Owens Corning contracts.

Which are in their preferred per not plat, but not platinum. Platinum is the only one that offers a 25 year workmanship warranty. And it's important that a customer understands the difference between a material warranty and a

Chuck: workmanship warranty. Watkins is the only one around here that can actually sell that warranty and protect that home for that amount.

Austin: Absolutely. So the, uh, once we got. We put our duration shingles on, we have multiple rage tabs options that we go with. You have standard profile, rich caps, and then we have high profile bridge tab offers to add some aesthetic appeal. I like to make it look like the tile roofs that you'll see sometimes in the south.

Right? So we like to use those high-profile Ridge caps and then we have multiple ventilations. One of the things that our reps are going to do is that we're going to custom fit a ventilation package for your. Right. And then we're going to figure out what type of videos you need, where it needs to be installed and make sure it meets manufactured.

No, I'm glad you

Chuck: brought that up and we'll do this in another podcast because you know, most homeowners don't realize that attic, insulation and ventilation is all part of that roofing system and make it loud. I'm glad that you met. Yeah,

Austin: absolutely. And then after that, we're basically gonna clean up, uh, get everything put together, uh, your PM.

We'll do a walk around with you, um, make sure that everything is up to your satisfaction and everything's cleaned up ready to rock. Now I can't tell you, we don't make mistakes and we don't have problems, but what we like to pride ourselves on is that there's nothing that we're going to break on your property that we can't fix.

Chuck: Well, I liked that because that's true enough. There's a lot of elbow sling and I've seen plenty of roofs go there's there's a lot going on up there.

Austin: Yes, that's true. And a contractor that tells you. That he's not going to do any damage. When he pulls off 5,000 square feet of roofing material is probably lying to you.

You know, it's inevitable, it's construction. It's part of the process, but we're going to let you know what to expect and then hopefully manage those expectations in a way that are gonna make you happy.

Chuck: Yeah. All right. Last, very good. So why can only platinum preferred the only roofing contractor that can give you the 25 and the 50 year?

So very cool stuff in there. The, or not very many contractors actually have that. I know that is a fact. So some very cool stuff going on up here when you guys yeah, absolutely. All right. Well also, good to see you again, um, catch up with you next week and we'll maybe we'll do one on some repairs that maybe they don't need that new roof, not that new roof.

So maybe we can do the next one. Perfect.

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