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#96 Self-Love and Stress Recovery with Dr. Doni

How Humans Heal

Release Date: 02/14/2022

#126 Break Your Stress Addiction with Dr. Doni show art #126 Break Your Stress Addiction with Dr. Doni

How Humans Heal

In this episode we talk about stress and how to recover from it.   First, we must acknowledge that being human involves exposure to stress!    Research shows that over 60% of us had an adverse childhood event and at least 70% of us have experienced a major stress loss or trauma in adulthood.    When we exist as humans in these stressful environments it starts to feel normal to be stressed.     In fact, we can become addicted to feeling stressed and so we get stuck in stress mode. Our bodies’ cortisol and adrenaline levels get imbalanced, and our...

#125 The Thyroid Debacle with Dr. Eric Balcavage show art #125 The Thyroid Debacle with Dr. Eric Balcavage

How Humans Heal

In this episode we talk about:    * How stress affects thyroid function.    * What is the Cell Danger Response.    * How most thyroid issues are missed and mistreated.    * How to address thyroid function comprehensively.    -    Dr. Eric Balcavage is a functional medicine practitioner who looks to assess physiology looking for ways to really help people that want to optimize their overall health. His work is to analyze what's creating that excessive stress in your body and what you can do to reduce it, and how to support you on your...

#124 Learning from Real Cases with Dr. Doni! show art #124 Learning from Real Cases with Dr. Doni!

How Humans Heal

In this episode of How Humans Heal, I share about 6 recent cases from my practice and how they relate to leaky gut, even though it wasn’t obvious that they had leaky gut!    Case 1 Woman with autoimmunity and joint pain who was under extreme stress now knows which foods to avoid, and which to choose, as well as the supplements to heal leaky gut, recover from stress, and prevent autoimmunity from flaring. She’s feeling better and onto phase 3 of my protocol, so today I helped her with maintenance tips.     Case 2 Woman who worked with a different practitioner to...

#123 Escape the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster with Dr. Mariza Snyder! show art #123 Escape the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster with Dr. Mariza Snyder!

How Humans Heal

Fatigue is such a common issue, but often we find ourselves reaching for sugar and caffeine to keep us going, especially as busy moms and entrepreneurs.     Energy is the ultimate currency. Who doesn’t want more?!!     Dr. Mariza describes hitting energy rock bottom with chronic fatigue, when she fought her way to the bathroom each day to get ready, and reached for sugar to keep her going.     She realized that at 30 years old that way of operating wasn’t going to be sustainable.     Over the next three years, she searched for...

#122 Supplements And The Highly Sensitive Person with Dr. Doni! show art #122 Supplements And The Highly Sensitive Person with Dr. Doni!

How Humans Heal

I consider myself to be a highly sensitive person – both in terms of my nervous system and in terms of how I respond to changes and substances.     I didn’t learn about being a highly sensitive person in medical school, however in the 1990s two psychologists – Elaine Aron and Arthur Aron – wrote a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person” in which they defined what it is to have a more sensitive emotional response to what is happening around us.    I have identified a somewhat different version of a highly sensitive person, and as far as I know, I’ve not...

#121 Learn To Do Pilates! With Vivian Jung show art #121 Learn To Do Pilates! With Vivian Jung

How Humans Heal

Pilates – a method of conditioning the body, mind and spirit – has made such a difference for me so I wanted to share with all of you, and what better way to do that than to talk with my favorite Pilates instructor, Vivian Piccone Jung [@authenticmethodpilates].  In this episode, Vivian and I cover Pilates in depth including:   -What attracted Vivian to become a Pilates instructor  -What are the differences in Pilates training programs  -Who was Joseph Pilates and how we developed Pilates  -The benefits of Pilates  -Potential contraindications and...

#120 Solving the Mystery of Leaky Gut with Dr. Doni! show art #120 Solving the Mystery of Leaky Gut with Dr. Doni!

How Humans Heal

I’ve been talking about leaky gut since about 2002. At the time, I was experiencing severe migraines, and my daughter (whom I was breastfeeding) had severe colic. That’s when I figured out that I had leaky gut, and I had to find a way to help us both. I tried every kind of food panel and diet change, and experienced minimal benefits, until I found a lab that ran a highly accurate IgA and IgG panel and saw that I was reacting to many of the foods I ate. One of the most common misconceptions is that there is something wrong with the food panel, but that is far from the truth. The truth –...

#119 Clean Eating with Allison Schaaf! show art #119 Clean Eating with Allison Schaaf!

How Humans Heal

I had the chance to interview my friend, Allison Schaaf [@prepdish], dietitian, chef and founder of PrepDish. PrepDish plans healthy gluten-free meals and provides the recipes and instructions to prepare the meals.     PrepDish started when Allison herself was learning to eat gluten-free herself. Now PrepDish offers gluten-free, paleo, low carb, and fast prep meal plans for families. All you do is sign up for the program, and each week PrepDish will send you your meal plan and grocery list for the week.     This is SUCH a brilliant solution for people who are...

#118 Why I’m Obsessed With Stress - with Dr. Doni! show art #118 Why I’m Obsessed With Stress - with Dr. Doni!

How Humans Heal

In this episode of How Humans Heal I introduce myself and how I became interested in nutrition, naturopathic medicine, women’s health, and stress.     Ultimately, more than 90% of health issues are caused by stress.     If we want to be living longer and maintaining the highest quality of life, we need to be doing everything we can to counteract the effects of stress on our body, mind, and spirit.     It was what I learned from women in labor that helped me define my theory of how to help humans recover from stress, and eventually to identify my...

#117 Decide to Try Everything You Can to Heal with Julie Michelson! show art #117 Decide to Try Everything You Can to Heal with Julie Michelson!

How Humans Heal

In this inspiring interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Julie Michelson [@Julie.Michelson], functional medicine health coach, who reversed rheumatoid arthritis herself.     She talks about how difficult it was to have severe joint pain and on 10 prescription medications for 11 years, while taking care of her children.     I know there are thousands of people suffering with autoimmune conditions who are – like Julie – being told by their doctors that there is nothing they can do to reverse it.     When her son was diagnosed with Celiac...

More Episodes

Love yourself more by giving yourself support to recover from stress. 


How does stress show up in your body/mind? 


Do you feel anxious, depressed, in pain, have food cravings, or digestive issues? 


In this video I explain the reason behind anxious thoughts, how to get ahead of them, break the pattern, and put down new neural pathways. 


It’s possible. I’ve seen it and experienced it myself. 


Plus, I explain how it’s possible to correct neurotransmitter deficiencies, such as low serotonin, which supplements to consider first, how to support your vagus nerve and oxytocin, and how to know when you need more help. 


The key is NOT to be hard on yourself.  


Have awareness. From there you can make different choices that can change your experience as a human living this life.  


If you are struggling with overwhelm, addictions, or self-criticism, this information can definitely be the hope and lifeline you’ve been seeking. 


Please let me know your thoughts as you listen in. 


And here’s to you being your own Valentine! 


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