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106. Women's Wellness with Dr. Paria Vaziri, ND

Live On Purpose

Release Date: 05/11/2022

117. Who are you being when no one is watching? show art 117. Who are you being when no one is watching?

Live On Purpose

It's one thing to be mindful of who you are being and how you are acting when you're around other people. We do this naturally - usually from a place of self consciousness and often, insecurity.  But, that's not what I'm interested in. Anybody can put on a mask for other people. The real question is: who are you being when NO ONE is watching? Who are you being when no one is there to congratulate you, validate you, like or comment on your "stuff"? Who is the person you are cultivating with your private thoughts and habits? Only you get to decide that. If you enjoy today's episode, please...

116. Increase Your Peace with Kelly Ryan show art 116. Increase Your Peace with Kelly Ryan

Live On Purpose

This conversation is so timely + supportive. It's a big ole' exhale that many people need. "It's the fastest way to calm yourself down." - Kelly It isn't often that I meet other humans who have read most of the same books I have and deliver mindfulness and meditation teaching in the same way as I do. In fact, up until recently I hadn't met anyone like this. Until Kelly Ryan came into my life, that is. The conversation that followed was POWERFUL. Kelly Ryan went from a chronically ill, stressed out corporate executive to a calm and centered mindset coach, meditation teacher, energy healer,...

115. Feeling Worthy Of Feeling Good show art 115. Feeling Worthy Of Feeling Good

Live On Purpose

I was chatting with a friend about food sensitivities, something I have struggled with for many, many years. And she asked me, "Marie, how do you navigate your food sensitivities around other peoples' cooking? How do you embrace living in a sensitive body?" This conversation is inspired by that question. And what came up and out because of it is an important discussion on self worth and what it looks like to feel worthy of feeling good in the first place. Feeling good is your birthright.  You've just been trained to feel bad more of the time. Let's rewrite that. Included in this episode...

114. Take Charge Of Your Health with Omega-3s and Max Marion show art 114. Take Charge Of Your Health with Omega-3s and Max Marion

Live On Purpose

Supplementation is an incredible way to support your overall well-being in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle. But not all supplements are created the same. I agree wholeheartedly with Max Marion, my guest on the podcast today, who believes "it should be done properly." This conversation is an incredible reminder that you are 100% responsible for you and when you take charge of your health, you naturally improve your quality of life. I've been using and loving Aqua Omega's algae-based Omega 3 supplements for the last few years and have noticed a major decrease in my overall inflammation....

113. Intimacy, Authenticity + Feminine Embodiment with Janessa Dalalana show art 113. Intimacy, Authenticity + Feminine Embodiment with Janessa Dalalana

Live On Purpose

This conversation is so timely. Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, connecting with your body in meaningful ways - these are all very real, important, day to day experiences and yet, often 'swept-under-the-rug-because-we're-scared-of-judgement' topics. I truly feel that we are living in an age where the 'Divine Feminine" energy is rising and leading. And I am here for it! Feminine energy is nurturing, open, receptive, creative, loving and powerful. And if you're like both Janessa and I, you too were probably raised in a society that taught you to suppress your sensuality, sexuality and deny...

112. Fricken Carpe Diem (and a lesson in raspberries) show art 112. Fricken Carpe Diem (and a lesson in raspberries)

Live On Purpose

After a summer sabbatical, I'm baaaaack, baby! Today's conversation is all about the lessons in abundance I discovered while picking raspberries with my family later this summer. It's also a timely little rampage as we head into Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here. There is more than enough to go around. Of this I'm sure. Enjoy + if you have 2 seconds, please go leave 5 stars and a review on Apple Podcasts, so we can reach more beautiful souls just like you! New conversations will drop every Thursday! ps - 30 Day Flow coilbound journals are on SALE this month and can be found in the Shop at ...

111. Remembering Who You Are with Melissa Hewison show art 111. Remembering Who You Are with Melissa Hewison

Live On Purpose

Have you ever sat down to have a conversation, unsure of which direction it would go, and then been absolutely blown away by it? This was just like that. Melissa Hewison is a Divine Energy Healer and the Creative Heart of Sweet Soul Sister. She also happens to be my neighbour and lovely friend. We sat down to chat about divine energy healing (something Melissa is profound at fascilitating) and ended up having the most beautiful conversation about what it means and feels like to Remember the Truth of Who You Really Are. It was beautiful. I know you're going to love this conversation as much as...

110. Human Design, Spirituality + Unconventional Business with Holly Maree show art 110. Human Design, Spirituality + Unconventional Business with Holly Maree

Live On Purpose

Oh my goodness, back to back incredible conversations with incredible women about Human Design.  THIS was SUCH a FUN conversation. Holly Maree just has a way about her that makes you feel safe and contented, even while discussing real life stuff. Plus, she's fricken funny. She has SUCH a fascinating journey that she shares honestly and in this conversation, we dove into all things Human Design when it comes to honouring the strategy for your energy type, how to tell if you're in alignment or wildly out of alignment based on specific feelings. We also go deep into the topic of BUSINESS and...

109. Living Your Human Design with Erin Claire Jones show art 109. Living Your Human Design with Erin Claire Jones

Live On Purpose

Holy chicken noodle soup, batman. THIS was SUCH an incredible conversation. I am HONOURED to have had the chance to chat Human Design with the one and only, Erin Claire Jones. This is THE Human Design conversation. Erin is an INCREDIBLE well of wisdom on this topic. We chatted about the 5 different types as well as what your Authority means, the 12 different Profiles, with a detailed emphasis on the 6 types, how to be in relationship with each type and so much more! Erin Claire Jones uses Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their...

108. How To Quit Self Sabotaging (and reprogram your brain) show art 108. How To Quit Self Sabotaging (and reprogram your brain)

Live On Purpose

What happens when the "honeymoon phase" of your new determination to create new habits wanes off... You know, the 2 week mark after you've begun a new workout program, or a new way of eating, or a journal habit, etc. etc. etc. First thing's first: Our brains are literally designed to keep things consistent. And our old habits have been running deep grooves for a long time, for many of us, our entire lives. So, how do we create and cultivate new habits that serve us and let go of the ones that no longer do?  We go deep and reprogram our subconscious beliefs. How?  Tune in for a little...

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If you're a woman and you've ever struggled with your health, cycle, mood, mind, allergies and stress, this conversation is for you.

Dr. Paria Vaziri is a Naturopathic Doctor located in San Diego with a focus in women's health & wellness.

We had an incredible conversation all about:

- hormone health
- gut health
- mental health
- the struggle with hormonal birth control
- anxiety, mould toxicity and the gut brain axis
- Dr. Paria's top 3 Lifestyle changes that make all the difference
- The seasons of supplements
- How to better support your liver
- Her personal morning routine
- and everything in between!

One thing I know for certain, "the power is within you", as Louise Hay would say.

If you find yourself inspired to action after listening to this conversation and you'd like some guidance on what implementing Dr. Paria's top 3 lifestyle changes actually looks like, you can fill out the form to join our 4 Week Flow group below.

Changing your relationship with food, supporting your circadian rhythm with sunlight and a morning journal practice, adding in quality movement and learning to take care of yourself are all beautiful practices and I'd love to support you in your journey towards healing.

If this episode speaks to you, don't hesitate to connect with either myself or Dr. Paria!

xo Marie

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