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9: Texans recap, Colts preview, Jenny Goos interview

Sea Hawkers Podcast

Release Date: 10/01/2013

The Seattle Seahawks are 4-0 for the first time in franchise history. Brandan and Adam break down where the game turned around for the Seahawks, pinpoint the time when fans may have thought the team wouldn't come back, and how J.J. Watt looked like he belonged in the next installment of Scream.

In the Colts preview, Adam feels like he has to pick at least one game for the Seahawks to lose this season and this week is the one. Feel free to leave him some nasty comments on The Sea Hawkers Podcast Facebook page.

Jenny Goos, of OnHerGame.com, drops in at the 52:30 mark to talk about the win and her letter to the 49ers fans who complained about the crowd noise at CenturyLink. She also passes on some words of wisdom on how guys can help get their wives and girlfriends more interested in the games. Don't bother with the rules, tell her stories about the players and why this team has so many great guys to root for.

Coincidentally, the podcast obtains an "exclusive follow-up editorial" from Rich and Judy who find another fairness issue to complain about beyond the crowd noise. This time they tackle the issue of fairness of the schedule.

49ers and Houston fans alike are the focus of this week's "Do Better" segment, Richard Sherman is the first two-time honoree of the "Better at Life than Skip Bayless" segment and Steven Hauschka earns the honor for his game-winning kick.