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22: Saints Preview, Seahawks Coaches in Demand, Craig Terrill Interview

Sea Hawkers Podcast

Release Date: 01/08/2014

The Seattle Seahawks face the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs on Saturday. Adam and Brandan take a look at the team that picked up their franchise's first road playoff win as they return to Seattle after a 34-7 loss in Week 13.

Brandan offers a suggestion on one play the Seahawks absolutely have to run from the previous game and Adam talks about his mindset on going into the game with the lowest possible expectations to help set up any postgame reaction.

The guys also discuss the interest in Seahawks coaches and how that may or may not be a distraction to the team in preparing for this week's game. Adam and Brandan disagree on which coach the team would miss most.

With the Seahawks holding the #1 seed in 2005, former defensive tackle Craig Terrill comes on the show to talk to Adam and Brandan about what players are going through leading up to this week's game. He offers his thoughts on this team's defensive line, what it was like practicing against two great Seahawks offensive linemen and his perspective on different coaching styles having played for Coach Holmgren, Mora and Carroll.

In the "do better" segment, Adam shares a story about a 49ers fan who is so passionate about her team that she was ready to fight him and Brandan targets the 49ers organization for bringing in a sub-par motivational speaker. Better at life this week focuses on the bay-area team in the AFC and Marshawn Lynch's handling of his fine for not speaking to reporters.