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89 Ignite Fires, Don't Put Them Out: How Leaders Can Shift Their Energy with Sara Canaday

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Release Date: 04/19/2023

121 Why We Need Storytelling on the Manufacturing Floor show art 121 Why We Need Storytelling on the Manufacturing Floor

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Stories resonate with people, which makes them a valuable tool for sharing information, seeking new outcomes and connecting with your team. So let’s bring more storytelling to the manufacturing floor! In this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, meet guest Trevor Perry. Trevor is an award-winning speaker, author, and perspective-changer, who uses his unique perspectives and love of storytelling to help others find their own light and improve their influence in the world. In this episode, Trevor shares his journey of finding his storytelling passion, and discusses why leaders should...

120 How to Unlock Your High-Performance Potential with Mike Mooney show art 120 How to Unlock Your High-Performance Potential with Mike Mooney

Mindfulness Manufacturing

How can we bring more mindfulness to the manufacturing floor without comprising speed or efficiency? With a background as an award-winning senior executive for agencies, brands, and team properties in NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula One racing, Mike Mooney knows all about speed! He now uses his unique background to help leaders accelerate culture, unlock potential, drive opportunity, and create traction. In this episode, Mike shares why humans are high-performance vehicles, and how leaders can use presence, intentionality, and curiosity to improve communicates, reach creative outcomes, and...

119 Your Blueprint for Building Trust with Justin Patton show art 119 Your Blueprint for Building Trust with Justin Patton

Mindfulness Manufacturing

Trust is the antidote to so many common issues that can occur on the manufacturing floor. But how can you build trust—both in yourself and with your team? Find out in this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing with guest Justin Patton! Justin is a certified speaker professional and leadership presence expert, who challenges leaders to reimagine how they lead, love, and communicate. He’s also the author of and the recently-released The High-Impact Manager: Your Blueprint for Bringing Out the Best in Your Team. In this episode, Justin talks about the vital role trust plays in improving...

118 Why Compassion and Connection are the Keys to Transforming Manufacturing with Karin J. Lund show art 118 Why Compassion and Connection are the Keys to Transforming Manufacturing with Karin J. Lund

Mindfulness Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry just keeps getting greater—and it’s all thanks to passionate, mindful leaders who show up every day ready to engage their teams, improve their mindset, and create an environment where people love to work. One of these leaders is Karen J. Lund, a bestselling author and keynote speaker with a long career in the steel industry. Drawing on her experience in the steel industry, Karin now leads the team at G-Power Global, an organization she founded to inspires corporate and organizational entities to lead with compassion while continuing to focus on productivity,...

117 You Can’t Proceduralize Everything! With Jake Mazulewicz show art 117 You Can’t Proceduralize Everything! With Jake Mazulewicz

Mindfulness Manufacturing

When a mistake occurs on the plant floor, your mind might jump to one question: who caused this issue, and should I write them up for their mistake? But there’s a more productive approach you could be taking—and in this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, guest Dr. Jake Mazulewicz breaks it all down! With a background as a firefighter, EMT, and military paratrooper, Jake knows the challenges of high-hazard industries, and works with organizations to reduce errors and create safer, more reliable workplace environments. In this episode, Jake shares why you can’t procedularize everything,...

116 Lessons for Navigating a Crisis with Confidence with Dave Sanderson show art 116 Lessons for Navigating a Crisis with Confidence with Dave Sanderson

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In 2009, total engine loss forced US Airways Flight 1549 to make an emergency crash landing in New York City’s Hudson River—and thanks to the quick actions of the pilot, flight crew, and passengers, all 155 people on board made it safely off the plane. Now known as “the miracle on the Hudson,” this harrowing incident offers up important lessons on staying calm under pressure, coping with traumatic challenges, and making every moment count. To learn more, let’s hear from a Flight 1549 survivor! Dave Sanderson is a nationally recognized leadership speaker and bestselling author, who...

115 Put Your Core Values Into Action with Adam Hill show art 115 Put Your Core Values Into Action with Adam Hill

Mindfulness Manufacturing

In many manufacturing organizations, company values can be seen in plaques on the walls, but don’t show up in the behavior and language used on the shop floor. How can we get core values off the walls and into action? Find out in this episode with guest Adam Hill! Adam is the nine-figure CEO of a 4th generation family business, as well as a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and host of the top-rated podcast Flow Over Fear. Throughout his work, he helps leaders and other high achievers rise above fear and realize their ultimate potential in leadership and life. In this episode, Adam shares...

114 How to Use Positivity to Improve Connection with Jon Gordon show art 114 How to Use Positivity to Improve Connection with Jon Gordon

Mindfulness Manufacturing

If you want to improve safety, quality, productivity, and results, the first step is looking toward improving connection. With more mindfulness and connection, your entire organization can thrive—and in this episode, guest Jon Gordon is here to show you exactly how you can improve connection and fight disconnect in your organization! Jon is one of the top three leadership speakers in the world, and his talks on mindset and leadership have inspired hundreds of individuals and organizations. He is also the bestselling author of 28 books, including one of my favorites, . In this episode, Jon...

113 Finding New Perspectives Through Emotional Intelligence with Karine Leblanc show art 113 Finding New Perspectives Through Emotional Intelligence with Karine Leblanc

Mindfulness Manufacturing

“I’m great in my role and have valuable information to share . . . so why doesn’t anyone want to work with me?” If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this podcast with guest Karine Leblanc is for you! Karine Leblanc is a bestselling author and international public speaker who uses her unique engineering background to help technical professionals bridge the bridge between technical brilliance and human connection. In this episode, Karine shares her personal story of discovering the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, 4:10 – In any role, there is much more...

112 Hope is Not a Strategy with Shawn Rhodes show art 112 Hope is Not a Strategy with Shawn Rhodes

Mindfulness Manufacturing

There’s a four-letter word you should avoid on the manufacturing floor . . . and it’s not the one you think! In this episode, hear from guest Shawn Rhodes on why hope is the four-letter word you should remove from your processes. With a background as a war correspondent, Shawn knows firsthand how environments can quickly change, and now serves as a speaker, author, and international expert helping others learn how to pivot when change enters their plans. In this episode, Shawn discusses why hope shouldn’t be part of your strategy on the manufacturing floor, and pulls from his unique...

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In today’s busy manufacturing world, leaders are feeling more stressed and stretched-thin than ever, as they deal with the staggering expectations and everyday demands on their time, energy, and attention. In this episode on how leaders can discover productive, healthy ways to free up their time and energy, I’m joined by author and leadership development coach Sara Canaday. Sara uses her years of corporate experience to advocate for leaders and help them grow the skills they need to strengthen their leadership skills, enhance their relationships, and thrive in today’s complex, competitive climate. In this episode, she talks about why leaders often end up feeling burnt-out, plus shares some unique practices organizations can use to best support their leaders.

2:16 – Leaders are meant to ignite fires, not constantly put them out. If you’re a leader who finds yourself constantly acting as a firefighter, it’s time to reconnect with the meaning of your role.

3:22 – We’re conditioned from a young age to be productive and to feel like we’re only valuable if we’re doing something, which impacts the way we lead and show up in the workplace

4:40 – Even when you’re doing nothing, your mind is still very productive, which is why it’s important to take a strategic pause to declutter your mind, find more clarity, and make better decisions and better serve your team

7:43 – Deep discovery and creative problem-solving can’t fully happen when we’re multitasking

8:26 – It can be helpful to reach out to others and let them add structure to your thinking and gain a broader prospective

9:40 – You have more control and agency over your own time than you think you do

10:00 – To gain more control over your time, dig deeper into your schedule and challenge yourself to think about what is the most important. For example, you could start skipping meetings that you don’t really need to be at, or send someone else to takes notes for you.

10:25 – Instead of just thinking about your to-do list, consider starting a list of things you can stop doing or delegate to someone else on your team

10:48 – As a leader, you have an obligation to think about how your can use your time in a way that best serves your team and your clients

11:43 – A change in scenery, like a stop at a coffeeshop on your way to your plant, is a great way to shift your mindset and build productive new habits

13:50 – Leaders should be responsive, but they also have to clearly show their priorities to themselves and the rest of their organization

15:05 – Leaders deal with exponential and even sometimes unrealistic expectations, especially when it comes to solving problems and facilizing productive conversations about important issues like social justice and employee mental health

16:08 – Leaders are doers and drivers, but they are also human beings and there’s only so much they can do

16:30 – There are many things team and organizations can do to support their leaders, including thinking about the most important priorities or even hiring someone to help with some of the leader’s other tasks

17:39 – Instead of impressing others, spend more time on thinking about what they really need to feel support and healthy in their role

20:00 – Shifting your mindset starts with putting aside your own biases and anything else that is clouding your judgment

20:43 – After putting aside your assumptions, spend more time discovering new, time-saving solutions by staying curious and seeking out productive, unbiased conversations with others

22:43 – If you’re not sure about something, don’t be afraid to just ask

23:00 – It takes courage to ask for what you need, but it’s important to find ways to protect your time and energy

23:42 – Leaders deserve a better experience, and a good experience can create a domino effect that positively impacts the rest of their team

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