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The Premiere Episode of ADOPTION MATTERS: Real People, Real Life, Real Talk

ADOPTION MATTERS: Real People, Real Life, Real Talk

Release Date: 03/20/2024

Welcome to Adoption Matters, a podcast with real people sharing real stories and getting real about adoption from all three perspectives of the adoption triad.

I'm Kim Noeth, one of your co-hosts, and a birth mother, along with Sharon Butler Obazee, an adoptee and Sally Ankerfelt, an adoptive parent. Together we  explore difficult topics and share frank conversations. guided by our commitment to truth-telling and truth-seeking.  In each episode we discuss important issues using adoption attuned principles to help us navigate even the most sensitive topics with grace and respect. Together, we model courageous communication, and help create a community where anxiety can be reduced, and mutual understanding prevails. 

In our first episode, Growing Intentional Families Together announces the creation of its first Shaping the Future Award to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to encouraging dialog across the adoption constellation. Our adoption coaching firm believes that a fuller view of adoption complexity grows a more complete picture, strengthens relationships and honors the individual’s personal experiences.  We award the 2024 Shaping the Future Award to Isaac Etter for his efforts on behalf of transracial adoptees to grow communication, nurture understanding, and further ADOPTION ATTUNED PARENTING PRACTICES, policies, and education within adoptive families and the adoption community.

Joins us for each episode of ADOPTION MATTERS. Whether you are an adoptee, a birth or adoptive parent, or a member of the adoption constellation, we are excited to share our stories, insights and support.