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It Went Where It Went w/ comedic actor and writer Drew Droege

DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Release Date: 01/12/2015

Dennis visits the Los Feliz apartment of the hilarious Drew Droege, who is perhaps best known for his name-droppy viral videos as Chloe Sevigny.  Drew talks about the first time he performed on stage, doing drag with his dad in high school and working in the fish department of a grocery store. Also on the docket: working with Amy Poehler in a recent Old Navy commercial, meeting Chloe Sevigny after his video parodies as her had gone viral, his audition for Saturday Night Live, playing Rose Nyland in an all-drag homage to the Golden Girlz, and working with Julie Brown in The Homecoming Queen's Got a Musical.  Drew also talks about his favorite films of 2014, why he loves teaching at the Groundlings and how he keeps from thinking that every big sitcom audition could change his life forever. www.drewdroege.com