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Barefoot - Recovered 594

Recovered Podcast

Release Date: 04/21/2015

Perseverance - Recovered 1161 show art Perseverance - Recovered 1161

Recovered Podcast

The first key to persistence is to create for yourself a compelling vision for your recovery. Too often, people focus on what they don’t want to happen.

Discipline - Recovered 1159 show art Discipline - Recovered 1159

Recovered Podcast

Self-discipline is the willingness to put some limitations on behavior in order to gain something or make life better.

Humility - Recovered 1157 show art Humility - Recovered 1157

Recovered Podcast

Ultimately, when we are humble we are willing to seek and receive help, support, guidance and direction with our lives. The result is that we are not alone anymore.

Willingness - Recovered 1155 show art Willingness - Recovered 1155

Recovered Podcast

Your life belongs to you, right? Sure it does, but look at where your actions got you. Your life became unmanageable because of your addiction. You need to be willing for a lot of things, especially accepting help.

Integrity - Recovered 1152 show art Integrity - Recovered 1152

Recovered Podcast

Sobriety helps us reconnect with our true selves and become reacquainted with our inner light, our life’s mission, and our purpose.

Courage - Recovered 1150 show art Courage - Recovered 1150

Recovered Podcast

Any challenges life throws your way, you now know how it feels to look fear in the face and remember how capable you are of walking through it.

Faith - Recovered 1148 show art Faith - Recovered 1148

Recovered Podcast

In order to keep going and develop sobriety the individual needs to have faith that things are going to keep improving.

Hope - Recovered 1146 show art Hope - Recovered 1146

Recovered Podcast

Hope is the elevating feeling we experience when we see a path to a better future

Honesty - Recovered 1144 show art Honesty - Recovered 1144

Recovered Podcast

It is normal to struggle with owning up to dishonesty, but the key is to acknowledge when it occurs as soon as possible. If not, you could struggle with feelings of guilt and put your sobriety in jeopardy.

Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1142 show art Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1142

Recovered Podcast

Here in our virtual studio, we have a can full of popsicle sticks. Each stick has a recovery topic written on it. We will take turns, randomly picking a stick and then sharing on that topic that was chosen.

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In Michigan, we tend to do things different.

We, in Michigan, have small table discussion meetings

We, Michiganders, don’t usually have cakes at sobriety anniversaries

Apparently, we in Michigan, don’t go to International Conferences, more on this later.

And, we have Barefoot meetings, Russ’ favorite

- “Barefoot meeting” is a term used to describe a meeting where discussion is not focused on a particular topic; each member who shares chooses what he or she wishes to discuss.

Let’s keep the discussion on the solution.  

Greg, you suggested this format, you get to lead the segment.  Greg, where do you want to start?

We have calls



Possible things to discuss:

  • step you are currently working - step 6 - were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

  • step your sponsee is working on - step 2, been hurt by religion, so working on spirituality

  • your current spiritual condition - great period, did a lot of work on happiness and what that is and what that is not.  Pleasure, satisfies in the moment, happiness not so satisfying in the moment but the positive feeling lasts.

  • what tradition is currently in play at your home group - thinking about looking at traditions

  • current difficulties/challenges and possible recovery solutions. my family

  • current recovery literature you are reading - breathing under water. Richard Rohn a spiritual advisor and not alcoholic reflects on the 12 steps

  • recovery movies -

  • recovery music

  • recovery art

  • relationships and steps/prayers/slogans that help

  • meetings

What would you say to the new guy?