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Creativity and Recovery - Recovered 598

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Release Date: 05/05/2015

Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 3 - Recovered 1191 show art Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 3 - Recovered 1191

Recovered Podcast

Milt L. from Cleveland, OH speaking on "Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps" in San Diego, CA - June 21st 1997

Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 2 - Recovered 1190 show art Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps Part 2 - Recovered 1190

Recovered Podcast

Milt L. from Cleveland, OH speaking on "Dumb Guy Approach to the 12 Steps" in San Diego, CA - June 21st 1997

Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1188 show art Popsicle Sticks - Recovered 1188

Recovered Podcast

I first experienced “Popsicle Sticks” at the Thursday Midnight night meeting at the Northwest Alano Club in Wayne Michigan. At first I hated it, then I got used to it, then it became my favorite meeting.

Self Care - Recovered 1187 show art Self Care - Recovered 1187

Recovered Podcast

Self-care looks different for everyone, and that’s okay.

Loneliness - Recovered 1186 show art Loneliness - Recovered 1186

Recovered Podcast

It is no more cowardly to use help in recovering from a drinking problem, than it is, to use a crutch if you have a broken leg. A crutch is a beautiful thing, to those who need it.

First Things First - Recovered 1185 show art First Things First - Recovered 1185

Recovered Podcast

The rhythm of our own special routine has a soothing effect, and an apt principle around which to organize some orderliness is—yes, “First Things First.”

Getting Rest - Recovered 1183 show art Getting Rest - Recovered 1183

Recovered Podcast

For at least three reasons, people who drink heavily often cannot

Serenity Prayer - Recovered 1181 show art Serenity Prayer - Recovered 1181

Recovered Podcast

Serenity is like a gyroscope that lets us keep our balance no matter what turbulence swirls around us. And that is a state of mind worth aiming for.

Smartphone Therapy - Recovered 1179 show art Smartphone Therapy - Recovered 1179

Recovered Podcast

When we stopped drinking, we were told repeatedly to get A.A. people’s telephone numbers, and instead of drinking, to phone or text these people.

Changing Routines - Recovered 1177 show art Changing Routines - Recovered 1177

Recovered Podcast

Some of us insist that it was never the availability of the beverage that led us to drink, any more than the immediate unavailability kept us from that drink we really wanted. We live in a drinking society and we cannot avoid the presence of alcoholic beverages forever.

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Creativity can be defined as the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities.

Is it possible to be creative in recovery without having to stimulate your mind with alcohol or drugs?

My Opinion?

Of course it is!

The problem is that you may have to convince your brain of this at first. And that can be a bit of a challenge.

But I want to know what you think.

Let’s go to you matt

what types of creative things are you involved in?

Where you afraid that your art would suffer?

Did you know any creative types in recovery before you came in?

What was it like when you first came into recovery and you were new?

Did your creativity suffer?

Did recovery take time away from your art?

What about fuzzy thinking in early recovery, how did that affect you?

What about PAWS? Did you suffer from Post Acute Withdrawl Symptom?

What were some of your experiences?

What were your fears?

How did others in the field react to your sobriety?

Did you have support from fellow sober artists?

Did you have to give up some relationships?


Liz Lemmon - Creative


Josh k - Creativity


Alex from Austin


What about now, what has happened to your creativity now that you are sober?

What about relationships now?

How do you work a program about your artistic endeavours?

What do you do now to increase your creativity?

What kinds of creative things are you involved in?

What was it like before recovery?

How did your disease affect your art as it progressed?

Did you consider recovery before you came in?

What were some of the fears you had regarding recovery?

Talk to the new guy who is afraid of what sobriety may mean to his art.  What words of encouragement do you have?