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Call Recovered About Your Recovery Heroes

Recovered Podcast

Release Date: 10/09/2015

Tuesday, October 13, our recovery topic will be "Recovery Heroes"

Join the show and add content to the program by giving us your perspective on this topic.
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Let’s take this opportunity for people to reflect with gratitude on Recovery Heroes past and present.

It could be the founders of our program, it could be someone who carried the message to us when we most needed it.

You could Share the hard lessons learnt through other recovering people.

You could also share significant and nourishing lessons learnt through the Grace and Humility of others.

Some Possibilities

Your first sponsor

Your current sponsor

A sponsee

An Open Talk Speaker

Some other trusted servant

First person you ever knew who was in AA and you looked up to them

Some possible suggestions

Bill W. Ann S

Dr. Bob Ebby T Lois W. Archy T Clancy I Chief Blackhawk

Joe and Charlie Marty M Chuck C Rolland H Buzz A

Bill D Dr. Silkworth Carl Jung Jack Alexander