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The Real Reasons People Buy From You Episode 98

Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast

Release Date: 12/10/2015

The Real Reasons People Buy From You Episode 98

Last week we talked about why people don’t buy from you.

This week we are going to go into the real reason why people buy from you

We are going to take some of the negatives attributes and bad habits that we went over last week and point you in a more positive and disciplined mindset to help you become more profitable and close more deals

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Let’s get stared with last week’s list and the I’ll add to it with the last items probably being one of the most important as to the real reasons people buy from you


1st presentation how do you present yourself and your company as you pull up to the home did they arrive in a newer vehicle or a Junker , were they dressed as a business person or did they appear as they just spent 12 hours working in the sun .

First of all there is nothing wrong with having an old vehicle or working 12 hours a day.

It’s all about presenting yourself as a professional business owner if you come prepared as a professional you act as a professional and you will close more sales because of that. Remember there are companies out there who are trying to get your money away from that person.


  1. In order to compete in the market place we’ve already established that the more professional you are the higher the chances are that you are going to do business with that potential customer the So let’s talk about the proposal is it scribbled on a pieces of paper or is it detailed . Do you take pictures and include it in the proposal or may be before and after of other jobs, how about proof of insurance or a license if you are required to have one. Any guarantees you might have. And be sure to use testimonials those testimonials are your sales people.

Does you proposal set you above the crowd that is competing for their money.

  1. Communications after the initial proposal if they didn’t say yes right them do you have a follow up system in place (check out Send Jim) or do you just hope they will call you back its really all about relationship building .It amazes me how many times I’ve heard from a customer on how some contractor came out to give a proposal took time to talk with them take measurements  tells them he will get back with them to give them a proposal and never does that one leaves me baffled. Did you know if you can leave them with a proposal right then it will exponentially increase your chances of getting that customers money, with all the different software you can go over the proposal with the customer and email it to them right then.

This is one of the main reasons why people will buy from you. Your ability to keep in constant communication with them. This one simple strategy creates raving fans.


  1. Listening to what your customers wants. As sales people we have a tendency to see a need and try to fulfill the need that’s not our job our job is, our job is to listen to the potential customer and give them what they want. Think of it this way you go into a pizza restaurant and you order a peperoni pizza from the waitress, she looks at you and with a serious face says you know a nice fresh salad would be a lot healthier. You know you probably need to eat healthy but you want a peperoni pizza. How many times are you going to go back to that restaurant if they are going to try to talk you out of what you want?  

Here is my philosophy give them what they want first help them realize what they might need and sell that to them after you have established a relationship.


  1. If we are talking about professionalism being reasons people buy from you, lets link that to time.

Here is what I mean if you are going to make an appointment to go do an estimate make sure you show up early if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late give them a call let them know so that if they had scheduled you into a tight schedule like you scheduled them in to a jam packed day. Give them the opportunity to reschedule you instead of them getting upset that you have wasted their time and you starting off on the wrong foot.

And right now you’re thinking As contractors were running all over the place trying to acquire new business to keep the beast fed and growing I can’t believe 5 minutes is going to make that much difference, they just don’t understand what I have to do each day.

I really hate to burst your bubble that person you’re going to see does not care about you

They only care about themselves


You’re thinking aha what’s 5 minutes in its simplest from its time and time can never be replaced. Also in your potential customers mind you are setting a precedence of being late is translating to he not in control of his business or himself, he was not truthful on what time he was going to be at my home or business what else will he not be truth full on this is how your potential customer thinks  


  1. Last week I talked about the contractor who appears needy; they appear to try to sell you at any cost even their own profit.

That means you need to work on the stuff that goes on in your head, you need to be confident in who you are, confident in your products and services. If you are always worried about your competition they have already beat you because you are obsessed with beating your competition.

It’s time for you to change the game make it so that your completion worries about you and it’s not about price in these last 2 weeks I have gone over why people don’t buy from you and why they do buy from you and the only I never mentioned price, the purchase price in the equation is the end result of them agreeing to do business with you.


There are only 2 time price becomes a factor in your sales system from a negative position is 1 when you make it a factor and 2. When you are dealing with a price shopper. The only thing you can change in this process is you


Remember that you are in the real business of selling yourself, the potential customer they've called you because they want to purchase there already ready to buy ,

So you're not selling your service or your product. All you have to do is sell yourself.

That's where you need to be confident in yourself own who you are become confident in your pricing because you are selling yourself that's the key you're not selling a product you're not selling a service because they've already decided when they called you that they are prepared to buy.

They have called you to interview you to see if they like you   and do they want to do business with you. That’s one of the main things is that you have to sell yourself so be confident in who you are,

The second probably most important thing of all the things that we talked about this week is that in order for the customer to get to know you to like you and to trust you.

Probably the most important thing to get the real reason people buy is.


They say that people do business with you because they know you like you and trust you.

And that key to making that all happen from a non-referral is to figure out a way to create instant report, instant report will get them to know you, like you and trust you. There are a lot of great books on how to do that or you can stumble on creating that system for your sales process

I know with mine if I can keep them in gauged for 30 to 45 minutes and I can get them to laugh I know I‘ve got the sale.

These are things that have worked well for me I know they work well for other people because I certainly didn't come up with the stuff on my own and I've copied from other people so I hope that this will get you a little more to get you more engaged in your business.

Thinking like a customer may help you think clear on how to create systems that people will buy from you more. Do it so that you can close more sales become better at what you do and be the top dog in the marketplace for other people to compete against, set the bar high?

These are just some of the big ones on the real reasons people buy from you



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