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Peace of Mind - Recovered 658

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Release Date: 12/22/2015

Character Defects - Recovered 1096 show art Character Defects - Recovered 1096

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Humans are obviously not perfect; everyone will have their flaws and weaknesses. It is only when these imperfections lead to suffering that there is a real cause for concern. Most people will have many minor character defects, and a few major ones. It will be these major flaws that will cause them the most problems in life.

Being of Service - Recovered 1095 show art Being of Service - Recovered 1095

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Service to others might be the key to staying sober. In recent years, a growing body of research has found that helping others brings measurable physical and psychological benefits to the helper. Studies have shown that addicts who help others, even in small ways—such as calling others to remind them about meetings or making coffee—can significantly improve their chances of staying sober and avoiding relapse, among adults and adolescents alike.

Perfectionism - Recovered 1094 show art Perfectionism - Recovered 1094

Recovered Podcast

Perfectionism and substance use often go together. Perfectionism can also make recovery much harder, since as with other things, perfectionists typically expect too much too soon and are unforgiving of their own mistakes. Perfectionism is a difficult problem to overcome, but with persistent effort, you can loosen its grip on you.

Returning to Face to Face Meetings - Recovered 1093 show art Returning to Face to Face Meetings - Recovered 1093

Recovered Podcast

We have spent weeks working our program using technology to stay connected. But now, face to face meetings are starting up again.

Complacency - Recovered 1092 show art Complacency - Recovered 1092

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Complacency can be defined as a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy. To say an individual is acting complacently means that they are taking things for granted. When an individual becomes complacent they no longer feel that they need to work in order to find success in life – they view it as something they have already earned.

Trust - Recovered 1090 show art Trust - Recovered 1090

Recovered Podcast

Do you know anyone who is reliable? Honest? Capable? Strong? Are you feeling trustworthy yourself?

Recovery and the Pandemic Part 2 - Recovered 1089 show art Recovery and the Pandemic Part 2 - Recovered 1089

Recovered Podcast

Even in ideal circumstances, addiction recovery can be difficult. Add a pandemic into the mix, and things can start to feel overwhelming.

Recovery and the Pandemic - Recovered 1086 show art Recovery and the Pandemic - Recovered 1086

Recovered Podcast

COVID-19 presents unique challenges for all of us. We find that being at home, with little to no access to in-person meetings, is creating hardships and challenges for us in recovery.

Sandy B Part 6 - Recovered 1087 show art Sandy B Part 6 - Recovered 1087

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Patience Versus Tolerance - Recovered 1084 show art Patience Versus Tolerance - Recovered 1084

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It's a subtle difference that has vastly different outcomes. With patience, you will eventually reach your goal. Tolerance, however, will only serve to keep you stuck in the status quo. Patience is you allowing others time to rise to the challenge; tolerance is accepting whatever mediocrity they give you.

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Peace of mind can be defined as a State of being where people are unfazed with the ups and downs of life.

As an alcoholic,

I was unable to cope with the ups and downs of life and used alcohol as my solution,

my recovery rests on my ability to achieve serenity

so that I can cope without using alcohol.

As s codependent,

my serenity was based on how well I perceived Andrew, my qualifier, was doing.

In this case, Andrew's state and my ability to control,

was my drug addiction, i could not leave it alone.

If Andrew was ok, I was ok.

When Andrew was struggling, so was I.

How about you?

Before program, what was your understanding of serenity?

How did you achieve serenity or peace of mind before program?

Early in program, what was your initial reaction to the serenity prayer?

Did you try it?

What was your experience?

How was your understanding of higher power when you first came in?

How did your higher power relate to Peace of Mind when you were new?

What are the things that threaten your serenity?  

Are they different today compared to before program?  

Are they different from when you were new?






How does humility relate to peace of mind for you?

How does dependence (on job, money, people, sponsor, meetings,etc.) affect your serenity?

How does a sponsor help with serenity?

How do meetings help?

How does service work help?

Today, what tools, steps, slogans, prayers help to achieve Peace of Mind?

Slogans to ponder

Do the next right thing

Keep your side of the street clean

This too shall pass

Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy