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Writer / Porn Star Conner Habib: "You Can't Fake That Kind of Excitement"

DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Release Date: 03/08/2016

In a very NSFW episode, Dennis visits the Larchmont neighborhood home of writer, activist, lecturer and adult film star Conner Habib to discuss the thrill of winning an AVN award, that time he read a book a day for months, going to a school with the mascot the Rough Riders and realizing his lifelong dream of being a gay porn star.  He talks about the first time he saw porn, the rush of getting recognized, letting it go to his head, body image and the indelible impact "Marcy Mouths a Mom" had on him. Other topics include: what he's observed from speaking at college students about sexuality, pigging out after a shoot, the weirdest places he's been recognized, PREP, hookup apps, being on a dirty card in Spencer's Gifts, how he learned the facts of life and his dream of starting a school. Learn more at www.connerhabib.com