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Daily Inventory - Recovered 698

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Release Date: 05/04/2016

The purpose of this daily inventory is to keep track of who we are and what we are doing today.
I try to remember that a daily inventory is not a test;
I try to remember that there are no right or wrong answers.
I try not to get upset when I know I could have done better.
During my daily inventory if I discover that I have failed to live up to my expectations, I try to remember that this is a program of growth and recovery, progress not perfection.
I know that if I stayed clean today, I did something right.

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We asked our listeners a question and they responded.
We asked “When you do a daily inventory, do you reflect on the good things you do?”
What percentage of our listeners do you think said yes, I think about the good stuff I do?

Do you reflect on the good stuff?

Why is a daily Inventory important?
How is this different/same as Step 10?
How is this different/same as Step 11?

One thing we should consider during a daily inventory are the major events of the day. Why?

Feelings (good and bad) that come up during the course of the day and how i dealt with them are important and worthy of review. Why?

Minding my own business is important in my recovery and should be part of my reflection. Why?

I make mistakes during the day and acceptance is part of this. Why?

Talk about fear and faith in daily inventories.

Talk about the relationship between wrongs done, pride and fear.

Why is avoiding conflict bad? How can that upset recovery?

Talk about when to make amends and when not to?

have i done something difficult or particularly well today? how can i appreciate myself for it?

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