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088 - Behind the Scenes Creating the Hottest, Newest Vegas Venue with Keith Conrad

IMA Leader Audio Podcast | Leadership, Marketing, Content Marketing, Big Data, Social Media, Email

Release Date: 07/12/2016

In This Episode:

  • What Keith is working on at Enclave for the Las Vegas area [3:09]
  • Why Vegas is a faster growing music destination than Nashville [4:50]
  • The opportunity he saw that lead to creating Enclave [6:10]
  • How technology has affected the music industry [8:08]
  • One of the biggest issues he faces when setting up venues [12:08]
  • The preparation required to build Enclave's team prior to launch [16:27]
  • The differences and challenges working in Vegas [17:31]
  • The technology required to create brand experiences in Vegas [20:25]