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Episode 1 - Day Trips With Your Kids While Keeping Your Sanity

snarkyhomeschoolmoms's podcast

Release Date: 07/20/2017

Listen in as Aurie and Marci share their tips for taking successful day trips with your kids and keeping your sanity at the same time!

0:35   After 7 years, Marci still can't say Aurie's name correctly.

3:00   Aurie live an hour from lots of cool stuff. Marci lives in the middle of corn.

4:00   Tips for planning daytrips

5:07   Aurie's daytrip game-changer

9:06   Utilizing online resources

10:49  Field Trip Journals

15:35  Packing for a day trip

16:40  All a girl really needs to carry is a cell phone, a credit card, and lip gloss.

16:44  Marci is addicted to lip gloss.

18:32  The Oops Bag! (brilliant idea!)

29:07  Wrap-Up