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Episode 2 - Don't Judge Our Clean Houses

snarkyhomeschoolmoms's podcast

Release Date: 07/26/2017

Some women worry about being judged for their messy houses. We get judged for keeping clean houses. Seriously, it's a thing. Listen in on our discussion about the why and how of keeping a clean house, underjams, and tips for keeping kids art messes to a minimum.

1:26   Aurie reveals her startling secret

5:09   The point where Marci wonders if she and Aurie can still be friends

7:01   Aurie makes people feel bad

11:56 What are underjams?

12:34 You shouldn't have to mop for good friends

17:25 A great tip for containing art messes

21:30 Toy clutter tips

Is your house messy or immaculate or somewhere in between? Do you feel your house gets judged by other women?