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214 Mansal Denton: Plants, Nootropics, & The Circle of Life

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Release Date: 07/10/2018

If you starting taking nootropics but you don't know what you want out of them, it's really easy to go down the wrong rabbit hole. I really want to encourage anybody who's thinking about nootropics to find out what their motivations and goals are because that'll help eliminate many nootropics and put you on a helpful path to actually get something down. - Mansal Denton

How can hunting be a spiritual practice that connects you more with nature, life, and death?



In Wellness Force Radio episode 214, Founder and Manager of Nootropedia,  Author of A Head Above, Creator of the upcoming documentary, Below The Drop, Mansal Denton, discusses why society is too disconnected with death, how hunting allows you to honor the cycle of life, and both the history and benefits of nootropics when it comes to reducing anxiety, decision fatigue, and lack of motivation.

As you listen, this episode will be an excellent stepping stone to help you make the decision as to whether not nootropics are right for you and which ones could give you the best results. 

"We all have trauma and wounds from our childhood or past relationships. In healing them, we have an opportunity to both connect and love ourselves in order to contribute to our community and the world in the way that we were meant to." - @TheHackedMind http://bit.ly/wfpodcast

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Watch the documentary, A Head Above, here.

Do nootropics really work? Can they help us become smarter, more focused, and creative individuals? Mansal Denton explores cognitive enhancement and nootropics by writing a book in 30 days while interviewing experts across the United States.

Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors found coffee could increase their mental capabilities. Today we have nootropics and powerful technologies to help us solve the world's greatest challenges. But how far can we really go?

In the documentary A Head Above, Mansal undergoes a personal journey to document writing a book in 30 days while using nootropics. While traveling through the American southwest to California, he interviews industry experts including:

Get your copy of Mansal's book, A Head Above here

When 17th and 18th century Europeans replaced alcohol with coffee, it produced the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment thinking. A simple chemical change can have drastic consequences for our lives and the world. Today, nootropics, smart drugs, and self-experimentation technologies are helping high performers improve their mental performance from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. But peak mental performance isn't for everyone. There is no magic pill. To achieve a level of optimal performance, be prepared to change lifestyle habits that are holding you back and utilize the latest technologies to craft your best routine. For those desiring enhanced creativity, concentration, learning ability, and success, this simple guide can help.



Listen To Episode 214 As Mansal Denton Uncovers:

  • How nootropics have helped him with his wellness journey and healing from the inside.
  • What he learned through nootropics and how it aides our emotional intelligence and brain function.
  • All about his upcoming documentary, Below The Drop.
  • Why our society is too disconnected with death and how he's changing that with his documentary.
  • Steps you can take to be more mindful of what you're eating and voting with your wallets by choosing to buy from grass-fed farms even just once in awhile.
  • How his insecurities and lack of self-love led him to make poor choices that would eventually lead him to jail.
  • What transitions he faced because of going to jail including a journey of self-forgiveness and being prepared to begin Nootropedia.
  • What people don't realize when researching for a nootropic that'll be a good match for them.
  • Josh's own experience using nootropics such as Alpha Brain and Qualia.
  • How nootropics can reduce anxiety and allow us to open up and be more connected than ever before.
  • Which nootropics can actually help improve your verbal fluency.
  • The history of nootropics and how they got their start in society as medicinal use.
  • Whether or not nootropics can be addictive and what can happen if you cycle nootropics too long.
  • His favorite method for cycling nootropics, stimulants, and hitting the reset button.
  • Who should and should not be using nootropics.
  • His use of psychedelics and his view on them as a way for us to heal.
  • How psychedelics helped him find a connection with a higher power.
  • The shadow side of psychedelics and how they've come to be abused by society and why the Renaissance of destigmatization is happening now.
  • Where the future of hunting and food industry could go as far as impacting vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores.
  • How having a better understanding of the life-death cycle will help you live your life now.

Power Quotes From The Show

"Some of these nootropics can be addictive but just like any tool, they can be abused. You start to realize that anything - it doesn't matter how healthy it is, anything on a physical level can be abused." - @TheHackedMind http://bit.ly/wfpodcast

"I've discovered that, just like anything else, nootropics could be used as a tool that's motived by a shadow-based behavior. For example, we have these dark thoughts such as, 'I'm not good enough to do this work that I want to do so I need some sort of stimulant,' or people come to me looking for a magic pill that will help them make more money. I'm not immune to it; I notice that in others and even myself. So, that just really moved me and Nootropedia more in the direction of getting to the root of people's motivations and by shining a spotlight on them to help others determine whether nootropics could be helpful within their lifestyle for achieving whatever goals they have but then what else is useful as well." - Mansal Denton

"Most people want stimulants and if you zoom out on our culture as a whole, that makes sense. Adderal and some of these high stimulatory drugs are drugs that improve productivity and proficiency and these are things that we value as a society; especially western and American society which is built very much so on capitalism. So, I think it's a cultural theme and stimulation is a huge factor that people are looking for. Not only that but so many people are doing work that they don't want to do and stimulants come through when people with office jobs just need something to get them through the day."  - Mansal Denton

"Every man-made problem in our world - ecological disasters, pollution, or poverty-those are all manifestations of what's collectively going on within our minds. If we can fix the traumas or addictive behaviors, and really come to a place where we love and accept ourselves, we can fix the external problems in this world. I personally believe that psychedelics are one of the most transformative ways to heal ourselves and thereby create change in this world."  - Mansal Denton


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About Mansal Denton

Mansal Denton is a doer and thinker. This manifests in entrepreneurial ventures, organizing a festival, publishing a book (not self-published), and a myriad of other projects like donating books to prisoners.

At age 20 he was arrested and at 23 sentenced to 8 years in the Texas State Penitentiary. While in prison he still operated two businesses but primarily spent his time reading, learning, and thinking about a life well-lived.

This prison sentence has influenced Mansal’s life tremendously. To grapple with the fallout and identify personal character flaws, he went on a journey that included Vipassana meditation, Mankind Project, Authentic Relating / Circling, and ayahuasca ceremonies. No, he’s not enlightened.

With these unique life experiences, quirky behavior, and a somewhat arrogant nature, he has been featured on media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Elite Daily.

He’s lived in Switzerland, Poland, but currently resides in Austin, Texas in a 230 square foot mansion. He is obsessed with foxes, occasionally partakes in jiu-jitsu and practices archery daily.

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