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Episode 148 (Season 2, Episode 4) - Systems to Own the Day

The Boom Real Estate Podcast

Release Date: 03/20/2019

Episode 148 (Season 2, Episode 4)

Systems to Own the Day

The Boom Team spends time filling your ears with some of the most important information you’ll need:  1) How to win a fight and 2) How to win the day!

Join Todd, Megan, and Terry, as they walk through how a typical day should look—if you want to be highly successful. From “power blocking” to uni-tasking, you’ll get effective tips on how to Win the Day.

Plus, we’ll introduce the new goal to start “Half-Day Friday!” Your life will (probably) never be the same.



  • Shout-out to Joseph Dixon [1:53]
  • Terry’s secrets to fighting [2:29]
  • How Megan fights [3:01]
  • Three habits of highly successful people [6:31]
  • New sound of the legal department [8:47]
  • Block in batches [9:55]
  • Better off to be high and single-tasking than sober and multi-tasking! [11:10]
  • Megan coins the term “day-blocking”…maybe [13:06]
  • Stay Proactive and not Reactive [14:47]
  • Own your schedule, Share your schedule [16:15]
  • Producer Christian’s new segment (with jingle)—“TechTip” [18:22]
  • Boom Team cleans their screens [19:00]
  • Todd walks you through your day [21:57]
  • How to attack your email inbox [23:23]
  • Christian coins the term “incontrolity”…maybe [25:31]
  • Control your schedule! [28:20]
  • Work hard, play hard, featuring “Half-Day Fridays” [31:31]
  • Use Sunday’s to Reflect and Project [32:58]
  • We’re on Stitcher now! [33:40]





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