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"Adaptive Mindsets" with Gretchen Pisano and Alexis Robin of pLink Leadership (Frederick, USA)

Go Beyond Disruption

Release Date: 03/29/2019

"Blockchain for Insurance" with Dr. Sean Stein Smith of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Go Beyond Disruption

"This application in the insurance field is ABSOLUTELY going to have an impact on ...individuals and firms working in accounting and finance."   (GBD75) Dr. Stein Smith is a returning guest on this podcast. He's authored several blockchain courses for the AICPA and gives us the inside track on what Blockchain means – and the opportunities it offers – to those working in or alongside the insurance industry.   GIVE FEEDBACK. How did you discover our podcast, where do you listen, and what would you like to hear more of? Finance pro or not, we'd love to know what you think. Email us...

"Fixing Miscommunication" with leadership trainer Julie Holunga.

Go Beyond Disruption

"It's so imperative that we are deliberate in how we communicate, that we think about it and NOT just take things at face value." (GBD74) We're all connected but how do we 'get through' to people better? What's the difference between miscommunication, missed communication and mismatched communication? Why's it important to talk to someone the way THEY need to be talked to, rather than the way WE want to be talked to? Returning guest Julie Holunga tells AICPA & CIMA's newest podcast presenter Scott Kellam about how understanding the difference between internal and external processors can...

“Beyond Maslow: The New Motivations “Beyond Maslow: The New Motivations" with speaker, author and motivational expert Sophie Bennett.

Go Beyond Disruption

"How do you actually APPLY what Maslow tells us, that helps us rise towards the top of the pyramid and live more satisfied lives? " (GBD73) What REALLY Motivates Today’s Professionals and Tomorrow’s Leaders? Our guest has been researching leadership and motivation for the last twenty years and has turned this into several books. This research also powers the presentations she gives to business leaders, finance and accounting professionals at conferences across the world. While interviewing world-class performers from business, science, the arts and sport, she identified five...

"Make Networking Work" with executive coach and author Heather Hollick.

Go Beyond Disruption

"Whatever it is that most people think is networking - this "noisy events" and "what's in it for me?" - was NOT it!" GBD72. What is networking and what makes it work for everyone involved? Jennifer Gardner talks to teacher, coach, consultant and writer Heather Hollick. Based in Michigan, Heather works with ambitious professionals in the areas of networking careers, high performing teams and leadership development. She shares a wealth of practical tips for better career-building from her recent book "Helpful. A Guide to Life, Careers and the Art of Networking".   GIVE...

"Staying Relevant As Machines Get Smarter" with Digital Health Futurist Maneesh Juneja.

Go Beyond Disruption

"What are the skills that they need to remain competitive and stay relevant to their customers? And it's not only the soft skills but it's also the digital skills. The other point here is about TRUST."   GBD71. Digital Health Futurist Maneesh Juneja's career spans nearly 20 years working with data to improve decision-making across several industries. In this conversation with AICPA & CIMA's Samantha Watson, he explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place. Inspired by the innovation culture of Silicon...

"Unleash Your Peak Performance" with Sarah Elliott of Intend2Lead

Go Beyond Disruption

"Put yourself first. It's not selfish. It's the best thing you can do as a LEADER". GBD70 After our guest's powerful presentation at AICPA ENGAGE 2019 in Las Vegas, we knew we had to share her passion and perspective here on the podcast. Texas-based Sarah Elliott is an influential CPA and business owner who has her heart set on giving other CPAs and women business owners in her region "permission to play". She talks about how we should do more than just manage our time: we should start managing our ENERGY. It's time for a new approach, rediscovering the fun, and using practical...

“Ride The Innovation Curve “Ride The Innovation Curve" with Dr. Martin Farrar.

Go Beyond Disruption

"Management Accountants are perfectly placed to bring collaboration from siloed parts of a business, get them talking to each other, and move innovation forward." GBD69 War historian and Management Accounting expert Dr Martin Farrar is described as a maven, polymath and broker of information, learning lessons from the past and present to inform all our futures. To commemorate the centenary of CIMA (the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), Martin researched and authored a revealing book called "Leading The Transformation", covering the 100-year history of the Management...

"Make Yourself Irreplaceable" with Georgette Rowland of MoneyGym.

Go Beyond Disruption

"Imagine being THAT type of accountant or bookkeeper. How often do you think they would be trying to replace you?...because the relationship is so solid!" GBD68. Director of the Financial Gym, author and speaker Georgette Rowland Osborne, is a former financial sector IT outsourcing contract-manager who specialised in working with leading UK financial institutions. Now author of the book “Firmer Figures, Fess Up or Mess Up”, she reveals how today's finance professionals can develop the skills of 'client-whispering' and digital 'bridge-building' to deepen their relationships with their...

"The Value-Perception Gap: Why Clients Leave and What To Do About It" with author, speaker and disruptor Robert Craven (Bath, UK)

Go Beyond Disruption

"Too many accounting & financial firms think that their solution is what the customer wants. People don't buy what you do, they buy what you do does for THEM!" GBD67. Our guest's work on marketing and growth strategy has been widely published and acted upon by thousands of businesses and agencies, from BlackBerry to Barclays, from Nando's to AirBus. Robert Craven has presented to Google and several other leading global brands, and that's why we sat down with him to explore the "Value-Perception Gap", talk about why clients leave (and what to do about it), and answer the question: "The...

"Using Improv to Communicate and Collaborate Better" with Kristy West of BraveSpace (Atlanta, USA).

Go Beyond Disruption

"One of the things we do is teach people that they need to use what they have, and that is ENOUGH...before you get up to do give a speech or a talk, or deliver a message to someone."  GBD66: Human Intelligence. Jennifer Gardner talks to improv facilitator, speaker and founder of BraveSpace, Kristy West. 1 in 4 people are terrified of speaking in public, sometimes rating it their 2nd biggest fear (next to death). Recognising that improv is about more than just 'stand up' comedy, Kristy's focus is to take improv off the stage and into the corporate environment. They discuss bravery, active...

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"What you realise is that people don't mind when people have clear boundaries. In fact, they APPRECIATE them".

GBD51 Gretchen Pisano and Alexis Robin are co-founders of pLink Leadership, a US-based management consultancy that provides leadership-development, executive coaching, and curriculum-creation. AICPA & CIMA's Jennifer Gardner hears from our guests about an adaptive mindset. Why it matters? How it helps us decide to intervene on behalf of ourselves,  speed up how we adapt to a changing world and accommodate volatility in the workplace.



Throughout March we've featured a bonus selection of interviews with women who've become movers and shakers in the accounting, finance and business professional sphere. Episodes every Wednesday as usual with 'Friday Focus' shows for some extra weekend inspiration.



  • Boundaries.
  • Making sure staff mindsets are as “nimble and lean” as the company.
  • Developing our own 'complexity of mind' by inviting insights and inputs from those around us.
  • Challenging our own internal biases.
  • Taking an active role in change.
  • The strengths that women bring.
  • How women are naturally wired to have an adaptive mindset - but how this can sometimes get in the way too.
  • The difference between creating a community for the long term, and simply collaborating in the short term.
  • Changing our 'self-talk'.



  • pLink CEO and founding partner Gretchen Pisano has worked with many Fortune 50 clients. A Faculty member of the Business Learning Institute, she also serves on the Board of the Frederick County Fraternal Order of Police Spouses’ Association. In addition to her work with senior leaders in many sectors including finance, Gretchen has engaged with leadership in the World Bank and the US military. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
  • As COO of pLink, Alexis Robin deploys 12 years as a coach, consultant, and facilitator, and 17 years in the hospitality and meetings industry. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
  • More about pLink on social via #thinkplink



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