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Feeling Inferior in Recovery - Recovered 995

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Release Date: 05/08/2019

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One of the emotional similarities many of us with alcoholism have with people with mental illness is that of an inferiority complex. The Al-anon can relate to this topic as well. We perpetually feel inferior to other people, we feel unworthy and inadequate. We feel as though we’re in competition with other people and that we never measure up.

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We feel easily threatened by the people who have the happiness, health and success we want for ourselves. We envy them and begrudge them their blessings.

How can we heal from an
complex and learn to love ourselves?

Tonight, we talk about feeling inferior.

What comes first to mind?
Where do you want to start?
What do you want to bring to the table?

When do you most frequently feel inferior? Why?
When do you most frequently feel superior? Why?

Do you compare yourself with others?
What is that about, why do we do this?
What character defect is at play here?

Do you monitoring your inner thoughts about yourself?
Are inner thoughts about your self cruel and disparaging?
Are you your own worst critic and enemy?
What character defect is at play here?

Is there someone else that used to, or still does, harshly criticize you?
Who and how has that affected you?

Has there been any trauma in your life that has affected your feelings of self worth?

We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners,
"What helps when you are feeling inferior?”

Did you take the survey?


What would be your answer?

How well do you take constructive criticism?
How well do you take destructive criticism?
Do you ever get confused between the two?

What is envy?
a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.
What is jealousy?
feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
What is the difference?
envy is a two-person situation whereas jealousy is a three-person situation. Envy is a reaction to lacking something. Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something (usually someone)
Do you struggle at times when good things happen to other people?
How do you deal with this?
Why do you have these thoughts?
What character defect is at play here?

How does shifting thoughts to positive, uplifting, encouraging ones help you with your feel of self worth?

Have you ever meditated with you higher power on your strengths, talents, gifts and accomplishments?
Why or why not?
Name a few.

Do you forgive yourself for past mistakes and wrongdoings? How?

Our inferiority complexes are usually rooted in insecurities.
What are you insecure about? Why? Is this valid?
What is at root of your insecurity?
How can you change this insecurity?

What steps help?
How has the fellowship helped?
How has service work helped?
How has prayer and meditation helped?

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What would you say to the new guy about Feeling Inferior in Recovery?

So Remember; abandon yourself to God and admit your faults. Clear away the wreckage of your past and give freely. God bless and see you next time.