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State | Story | Strategy - Why Physiology is more powerful than psychology

Awesome Human Podcast

Release Date: 07/11/2024

In the world of high performance we discuss mindset a lot. Have a positive attitude. Think positively, mindset is everything. All phrases you have heard a lot. But what if we are getting the loop of optimisation wrong? I have a theory, that is also shared by great minds such as Tim Ferris, in that we should first focus on our physiological state, which then drives our internal story (or at least puts it on a positive trajectory), which then informs a healthy view over the strategy we need to take. 

This is where the State, Story, Strategy theory comes in. 

Let’s optimise our physical state, which can then drive a health story, in which we can then build a strategy around. But how do we do this practically, and what does that look like? Join me, listen in.

Download 'The Awesome Human Blueprint' here: https://www.bencoomber.com/pl/2148445300