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#82: The Great Movie Ride That Never Was and Always Will Be

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod: An Unofficial Disney Podcast

Release Date: 08/14/2017

The Great Movie Ride is closing for good, and to pay tribute, Aaron recreates the entire attraction experience in audio form, using dialogue and score from the movies themselves and a "best of" script combining elements of all the ride versions since 1989. Come along for this magical journey into the movies...

Total runtime - 33 minutes

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The Great Movie Ride That Never Was and Always Will Be... hear the classic attraction recreated using audio from the actual films.

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Tour Guide - Aaron Wallace
"Robert Osborne" - Albert Gutierrez (The Three CommentEars)
Mugsy - Derek Lewis (The Mad Chatters)
Beans - Jeremy Crittenden (The Mad Chatters)
Squid - Matthew Price (The Mad Chatters)
Sheriff - Dwayne Tan (Once Upon a Fairy Tale)
Alien Announcer - Jeff DePaoli (Dizney Coast to Coast)
Temple Guard - Jeff DePaoli (Daily Disney Decision)


The Three CommentEars - an unofficial Disney audio commentary series by Albert Gutierrez, Kelvin Cedeño, and Pedro Hernandez

• Episode #150 of The Mad Chatters podcast: "Disney Game Night"

Once Upon a Fairy Tale podcast by Dwayne Tan

DisneyDwayne (Dwayne Tan) on Twitter

Dizney Coast to Coast, co-hosted by Jeff DePaoli

Daily Disney Decision, hosted by Jeff DePaoli

"That's Entertainment" by The London Symphony Orchestra

The Thinking Fan's Guide to Walt Disney World: Epcot (includes an entire chapter on the soon-to-close Ellen's Energy Adventure at the Universe of Energy in Future World). Get it on Amazon or order a signed copy (or book bundle) here!


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