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EP 100: The Grand Finale

Anum in the AM

Release Date: 08/15/2018

Anum, along with Monis and Cesar, bring on some amazing guests, old and new to conclude the show.

Guests include Hamza Khan, James Loges, Johnny Blaux, Shannon Firkins, Tay & Gracie and more!

Original Airdate: 8/15/18

A radio show about art Wednesdays at 10AM on www.hits101radio.com AnumInTheAM.com

Anum can be found here: instagram: @anumbrellla twitter: @anumbrelland snapchat: anumbrella

Theme Song: "Lightbulb" by Tiz

End Song: "Balloons" by Tiz & Moco$

All episodes produced by the oh-so-talented Cesar Rodriguez of CRPShows.com

Thanks for listening guys! It was a great run!