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Grow Your Influence through Podcasting

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Release Date: 06/16/2020

EP 124 Repurpose & Leverage Your Content To Save Hours Of Work Each Month show art EP 124 Repurpose & Leverage Your Content To Save Hours Of Work Each Month

Authentic Influencer Podcast

In today’s podcast Brooke talks with Lyndsay Phillips, an amazing content strategist when it comes to social media. Lyndsay knows how to get people to really start paying attention to your personal brand and does it in a way that will save you time and hours!

EP 123 Why you're really not succeeding in nm - hype show art EP 123 Why you're really not succeeding in nm - hype

Authentic Influencer Podcast

In Podcast Episode 123 Brooke delves into the reasons why you may not be succeeding in your network marketing business. The one thing that kills a business faster than anything else is hype.

EP 122 The 3 C's of Making Money on Social Media show art EP 122 The 3 C's of Making Money on Social Media

Authentic Influencer Podcast

In today’s Podcast Brooke chats with Owen Hone about building an authentic business using social media. Owen is the Founder & Head Coach at Authentic Creation, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach.

EP 121 Finding Your Inner Beauty show art EP 121 Finding Your Inner Beauty

Authentic Influencer Podcast

In today’s podcast we talk with Kirstin Baxter who has been in the Social Tenacity program for four years. She is the best example of having tenacity and stepping out of your comfort zone and doing hard things time and time again. She is an empath and growing up as she would try to connect with people and serve them she was told that she took things too seriously. 

EP 120 Habits to become Happier and Healthier in the new year show art EP 120 Habits to become Happier and Healthier in the new year

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Episode 120 talks to Debra Wanger, an actor, singer, and certified wellness coach. Debra grew up in Chicago and has been acting since she was nine years old. She worked as a professional actor for a long time. When she was working she was happy, but when she wasn’t working she was unhappy, depressed, and moody. She was not in a good place, so she set off on a journey and learned a ton about business, and ended up getting certified as a health coach.

EP 119 Is your Leader REALLY Navigating you to the right destination? show art EP 119 Is your Leader REALLY Navigating you to the right destination?

Authentic Influencer Podcast

The difference between the two groups was the leadership skills of their leaders. One leader had studied and done research on how to survive and navigate the harsh environment and conditions in the South Pole. He came up with a strategic plan and followed that plan without variations. The other leader thought he had everything planned and in place, but there were a lot of things that he missed and he was not prepared.

EP 118 Growing a Business with young kids is possible show art EP 118 Growing a Business with young kids is possible

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Cari is from a teeny town in the middle of Utah. She and her husband both found themselves losing everything, their jobs, and eventually their house. Someone that they knew introduced them to network marketing and they realized that they could actually create a life of freedom for their family. They moved into her parent’s basement and started talking to friends and family, but after six months they had no recruits, no customers, and no distributors.

EP 117 Knock Your Sales Out of The Park with YouTube show art EP 117 Knock Your Sales Out of The Park with YouTube

Authentic Influencer Podcast

“You don’t have to have a large following over on YouTube in order to start making an impact and an income .”

EP: 116 Using Zoom for Your Facebook Party show art EP: 116 Using Zoom for Your Facebook Party

Authentic Influencer Podcast

In today’s podcast, we talk with Gwen Wolken, an experienced Facebook party expert. Gwen started her career in Corporate America but needed to stay home with her twins. She ended up running a family business and learned that being an entrepreneur was really her ideal situation. 

EP: 115 Create Your Own Brand and Crush the Competition show art EP: 115 Create Your Own Brand and Crush the Competition

Authentic Influencer Podcast

Episode 115 talks with Kirsty Verity, a marketing expert originally from England. She shares insights about understanding the real reason why people want to buy something and how to brand yourself to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

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Grow Your Influence Through Podcasting 


“Don’t be afraid of the sound of your own voice. That is what you sound like and what you’ve sounded like your whole life...everybody loves it, so it’s ok.” 


Kelly Glover


Kelly Glover is an Australian native and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners start or appear on guest podcasts for the last 13 years. Kelly began podcasting in 2007 and now has her own popular syndicated radio. Not only that, but Kelly also helps people use their personal brand and podcasts to grow and further their business.


So, why is getting on podcasts so important? Simply put, credibility. While there may be thousands of different podcasts out there, the podcasts unique to your business help build authority and reputation. If you want to live your influence, being involved with podcasts allows you to be an influencer and take action on the things that make you passionate.


“It’s a linear step, by step, process, that you absolutely can achieve.” - Kelly Glover


Pitching is a long-term strategy and is a lot of busywork, but the preparation beforehand is well worth it.  Before you start pitching, you need to review your social media platforms, pinpoint your personal brand, and cement your messaging so you don’t confuse listeners. 


It’s also essential to have a one-sheet finalized, headshots completed, and talking points documented. Every detail and up-work prep will make pitching a podcast that much easier.


When you pitch and get booked on podcasts, every step of the way opens the door in front of you and it’s essential that you get through that door.


There are two elements needed to organize a one-sheet to pitch potential podcasters. You will need an online press kit that includes all the online material readers can consume from home. 


Second, you'll need a well-organized one-sheet.  A one-sheet is a snapshot of your personal brand and what you do, all on one page. It should include who you are and what you talk about, as well as be easily consumable. Readers should know everything they need to know about you within 30 seconds, so make sure it's on point!


Headshots are a must, and your name should bold and easy to read. It’s also helpful to include five examples of questions and talking points you plan on using. This will allow the potential host to know what to expect. Keep your one-sheet inline with your brand and brand colors. It doesn’t need to be overly extravagant, but in a nice layout that suits you and your position. 


“Practice in private before you go public” - Kelly Glover 


Sometimes people get knee-deep into creating their podcast and then realize how much work it is and fail to follow through. Doing a pilot episode to yourself or a small audience will help you determine in starting a podcast is something that will work for you. Generally, podcasts are a weekly commitment; therefore, you are responsible for 52 episodes if you want to maintain listeners. 


However, that isn't a requirement! You decide your frequency, especially if it takes up more time than you would like. Monthly or quarterly shows work well, too, just make sure you're consistent. 

“[Starting  or guest appearing on a podcast] Is a way to communicate your expertise, but amplify your message as well.”

-Kelly Glover


Once you’ve been booked on a show, pre-promote it! Highlight a few seconds of the podcast with your audience to get them excited to tune in. Releasing behind the scene footage also helps build anticipation.


Later, when the show goes live, you can share it with your audience and followers, and they will know exactly what to expect. Keep in mind that it’s essential to be respectful of the host, and when they plan to release the content. Tag them and share their content along with yours, so you both benefit. 


Last Tip!


If you are going to invest in starting a podcast, find affordable tech. All you need is a microphone and headphones, and most of the time, you can purchase them for $100 or less. 


To learn more about Kelly and podcasts, visit her website. You can also check out Episode 55, from our podcast library, to review some helpful tips on how to build your audience and movement.


How to get involved

  • If you are ready to take your business online and have the system to free up your time AND bring in the customers and recruits you want, check out www.socialtenacitytraining.com!
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