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BTI #319: Sales Pages that Actually Sell with Ken Cox

Beyond the Image Podcast

Release Date: 12/15/2021

BTI #373: How to Beat Your Competition show art BTI #373: How to Beat Your Competition

Beyond the Image Podcast

At the age of 15, my sole priority was to look impressive to others, particularly girls. This singular motivation inspired at least 98% of every decision I made, including what I wore, how I styled my hair, etc. It was even the reason I changed my name from Jimmie to James.  A significant decision of mine at this time was to walk away from playing baseball, which I had played for the previous 10 years, and instead join the high school football team. I was far from talented or skilled. But, my goal was not to be a star football player. My goal was to look like a star football player. ...

BTI #372: Turning Free Stuff into Paying Clients show art BTI #372: Turning Free Stuff into Paying Clients

Beyond the Image Podcast

Imagine a lanky, lazy, fatuous 19 year old me. I wanted money. I desired wealth. But did I want a real job? No! I was the 3rd assistant manager of a record store. We actually had no employees outside of the managers. I had no one to manage and was still at the bottom of the totem pole.    The record store did not pay well and most of my paycheck went to the outlet mall food court meals. I needed some extra cash. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was the store next door and planning to open a kiosk across town in another mall. The owner asked me if I was willing to pick up some...

BTI #371: Escape the Grind with Ken Attard show art BTI #371: Escape the Grind with Ken Attard

Beyond the Image Podcast

My guest today is Ken Attard, a mindset consultant.   Today, we’re discussing how to escape the entrepreneurial grind. “Every experience that is happening in your life is a byproduct of the way you are thinking, of your mindset.” IN THIS EPISODE The lie behind “the grind.” The lightbulb moment in Ken’s life. New mindsets to adapt. Stop compromising your values. Great intentions don’t mean there’s not a better way. Feeling good more often than you feel bad. The triple U syndrome. What you should be prioritizing first. It’s a journey to go on, not a destination to...

BTI #370: How to Best Sell YOURSELF show art BTI #370: How to Best Sell YOURSELF

Beyond the Image Podcast

I spent the better part of the last hour looking over the most common, overused, cliche, and annoying phrases that are being used on dating app profiles. I did not do this for myself or my own entertainment, I did this for you.    You’re probably curious what some of those phrases are.   “I’m an open book.” “Looking for a partner in crime.” “If my dog doesn’t like you, it’s just not gonna work.” “I like to have fun.” “I like to have a good time.” “I love to laugh.” “I’m down to earth.” “I’m laid back.” “I’m looking for a friend...

BTI #369: Magazine Cover Contests show art BTI #369: Magazine Cover Contests

Beyond the Image Podcast

It was 2017 when I received the biggest news I had ever received in my entire career. For the 15 years prior to that moment, I had photographed countless fitness talents for countless fitness magazine covers. Sadly, never having the opportunity to reach my own lifelong dream of me being on a cover. That changed when I received the offer to not only photograph, but to personally be honored to appear on the cover of Gainz Magazine. I had been training for two and a half hours a day. 6 days a week, for the past 5 months to get my body to a place where it could be photographed and properly...

BTI #368: How to Get Affiliate Marketers with Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt show art BTI #368: How to Get Affiliate Marketers with Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt

Beyond the Image Podcast

My guests today are Kelsey Eyers and Lori Lefcourt, the founders of Rexxy. Today, we are talking about how they have successfully leveraged affiliate marketing in their business. “People drastically underestimate the power of affiliate marketing.” IN THIS EPISODE What led to their mastery of affiliate marketing. Reaching your target audience through affiliate programs. Misconceptions about affiliate marketing and overcoming the fear. What to look for when building these programs. Going the extra 5%. The importance of communication and messaging. Ways to accelerate your success and make...

BTI #367: How to Launch Your Business Online show art BTI #367: How to Launch Your Business Online

Beyond the Image Podcast

My first brush with an online business was a little janky. I wrote this ebook but had no idea how to automate the delivery of the ebook. So, what I did was took the ebook and posted about it on Facebook to let people know about it. When people expressed interest, I would have them PayPal me $29.95. Then, I would email them back a copy of the PDF ebook.    This meant that in order to fulfill every order, I had to respond to every message letting people know of my PayPal email address. Then, upon receiving payment, I had to get their email address and send the ebook one at a time....

BTI #366: How to Save the Magazine Industry show art BTI #366: How to Save the Magazine Industry

Beyond the Image Podcast

If you listened to the episode earlier this week, you might think that I hate photographing for magazines. Maybe because of the title. But if you listened, I’m sure you heard it was filled with a lot of satire. The truth is, I love the magazine industry. It’s an industry that I’ve been a part of as long as I’ve been a photographer. My first job outside of newspapers was at a magazine. I launched not one, but two publications in the last year. I’ve been obsessed with working in the media, going on two decades now. But in that time, I’ve watched publications cease operations, go out...

BTI #365: Embracing or Breaking Labels with Betsy Cerulo show art BTI #365: Embracing or Breaking Labels with Betsy Cerulo

Beyond the Image Podcast

My guest today is Betsy Cerulo, the author of .    Today, we are diving into leadership and how you can achieve success no matter what labels you have or have been given to you. “We have been making progress, and there’s still a lot more work to do.” IN THIS EPISODE Why Betsy wrote her book. Taking pride in your labels. How we should react when other people achieve success. Using your intuition when it comes to embracing it or shaking it off. The importance of getting to know who you are as an individual. It’s okay if you don't have the answer and how to reassure those...

BTI #364: Why Shooting Magazine Covers Sucks show art BTI #364: Why Shooting Magazine Covers Sucks

Beyond the Image Podcast

The topic of today’s show is magazine covers. I shot two new magazine covers this past weekend. And I don’t want to talk about my 600 magazine covers I shot in my career or how great they are (wink). Today, I want to talk about why shooting magazine covers absolutely sucks. Let’s dive into the anatomy of magazine covers. “Unless you own the magazine, you’re not in control.” IN THIS EPISODE What makes a good magazine cover photo? Why shooting a magazine cover kinda sucks. The cover photo you want versus the cover photo that’s chosen. Bad cropping and bad editing. Where you’ll...

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Today, we get to chat about something that I geek out on, which is how to better improve sales pages. I have invested copious amounts of my time, hours, energy, and emotions into understanding how to best set up a page that not only guides the visitor through an amazing journey where they are rewarded by every scroll but also leads them to what I wanted all along; to purchase whatever it is I’m selling on that page.

My guest today is Ken Cox. He’s the host of the Clicks & Brick podcast. He’s going to help us understand what we are doing wrong and what we need to be doing right with our sales pages.

“Directing that user through the experience is way more 

important today than it ever has been before.”



  • How Ken got his start in the marketing world.
  • The difference between a website and a funnel.
  • How buying online has evolved.
  • The flow of a successful landing page.
  • The importance of building a fully encompassing environment for your business.
  • Landing page pieces that are a must have.
  • Consistent exposure and why you need it.
  • The 6 components to a funnel.
  • Simplifying trying out ads.
  • The 13 in 30 rule.
  • Should you build multiple funnels?
  • Problem solving versus product selling.
  • Common problems entrepreneurs are making in their landing pages.
  • Why follow up and retargeting works.
  • The goal behind your ads.
  • The key to designing products and services that sell.

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