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22. Gearing Up For Infinity War

Big Fat Geek Podcast

Release Date: 04/27/2018

The geeks get together to talk about what we might see in Infinity War and a little background on the movie before you go see it. From the big Marvel fan to the casual superhero film fan, the geeks will get you ready for the film. They talk about who Thanos is, where he came from, and what may be his motivation in this film. Also for the casual Marvel fans they offer some suggestions on what Marvel films to see to get you set before Infinity War. 


Thanos Copter - https://www.cbr.com/i-love-ya-but-youre-strange-the-birth-of-the-thanos-copter/


Thanos Recap - https://www.cbr.com/inside-the-mind-of-thanos-marvels-mad-titan/


Marvel Unlimited - http://marvel.com/comics/unlimited