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Warrior Princess Gina Gregory

The Cancering Show

Release Date: 09/17/2019

Meet Your Cancer Team show art Meet Your Cancer Team

The Cancering Show

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce focuses on the importance of building a strong cancer care team. She explains the roles of various medical team members, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, and different types of nurses and nurse practitioners. She also highlights nonmedical support staff like social workers, nutritionists, and counselors. Dr. JYP emphasizes the value of relying on your caregivers and fellow patients for support, and the need to inform primary care doctors and other specialists about your cancer diagnosis. She briefly...

Summertime Cancering show art Summertime Cancering

The Cancering Show

In this episode of The Cancering Show, Dr. JYP discusses the importance of cancer patients taking extra precautions during summer activities. She explains the sensitivity of chemotherapy patients' skin to sunburns and advises using mineral sunscreen and protective clothing. Dr. JYP also highlights the risks of swimming in certain types of water, the importance of proper head and hair care, and the need for hydration and avoiding strenuous activities in the heat. She offers other practical tips for those who are traveling, gardening, fishing and picnicking. Don’t worry; cancer patients can...

Clinical Trials, Biomarkers and Cancer Astronauts with Fred Neubauer show art Clinical Trials, Biomarkers and Cancer Astronauts with Fred Neubauer

The Cancering Show

In this episode, Fred Neubauer, a stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma survivor, shares his inspiring journey with Dr. JYP. Fred’s rare bile duct cancer was discovered during imaging for a kidney stone. Facing a challenging diagnosis, he explored advanced treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and innovative clinical trials, which helped shrink his tumors. Despite the difficulties, Fred remains hopeful and proactive in managing his cancer. Dr. JYP emphasizes the significance of biomarker testing, which helped Fred access treatments tailored specifically to his cancer's characteristics. Fred...

A Caregiver's Journey Through Brain Cancer With Michelle Matthews show art A Caregiver's Journey Through Brain Cancer With Michelle Matthews

The Cancering Show

In the episode, Dr. JYP delves into the heart of living with, and beyond, brain cancer with Michelle Matthews. Michelle shares her husband Matt's journey with glioblastoma and how they remained hopeful throughout the diagnosis and treatment. Despite the challenges, they cherished every moment together and found solace in support from their loved ones and community. Michelle also stresses the importance of self-care and the role of caregivers in cancer treatment and survivorship. Dr. JYP emphasizes the significance of shared experiences and compassionate care in the cancer journey. Ultimately,...

Advance Care Planning with Stephanie Broussard show art Advance Care Planning with Stephanie Broussard

The Cancering Show

In this episode, Dr. JYP talks with licensed clinical social worker about the importance of patients sharing their wishes regarding palliative and end-of-life care. Broussard stresses the need to include a social worker as part of the cancer care team from the point of diagnosis to address emotional distress. She explains that palliative care, which focuses on relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness, is different from hospice care, which is a Medicare benefit and service for those with a terminal diagnosis. shares why it's vital for everyone, even young adults, to have a...

Five Years of Survivorship with Gina Gregory show art Five Years of Survivorship with Gina Gregory

The Cancering Show

In this episode, Dr. JYP talks with , a breast cancer survivor and a second-time Cancering Show guest. Gina shares her journey five years after her initial diagnosis, discussing the difficulties of living with cancer and the side effects from treatment, such as receding gums and ringing ears. She is open about the challenges, as well as the strength and faith she gained along the way. Gina offers advice on how survivors can manage their health after cancer, including eating a balanced diet (and finding a middle ground with organic foods), and making time for regular workouts. Having...

Triple Negative Breast Cancer with Dr. Ayesha Munir show art Triple Negative Breast Cancer with Dr. Ayesha Munir

The Cancering Show

In this Cancering episode, Dr. JYP is joined by oncologist  as they tackle the complex and crucial topic of breast cancer and health disparities. Together, they explore the impact of socioeconomic status on health inequalities, the challenges faced by different racial groups in accessing breast cancer screening, and the concerning prevalence of triple-negative breast cancer among African American women.  They discuss the research into the biological underpinnings of triple negative breast cancer and the promising developments in immunotherapy. This is an episode you won't want to...

Therapeutic Gardening With Barbara Boone show art Therapeutic Gardening With Barbara Boone

The Cancering Show

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce talks with guest Barbara Boone, who shares her journey with endometrial cancer and how gardening has helped her through the tough times. Barbara emphasizes the benefits of gardening, such as stress relief, a sense of achievement and being part of a nurturing gardening community. Even during her cancer treatment, Barbara stayed positive by focusing on daily achievements and supporting others. Dr. JYP points out the need for cancer patients to take safety precautions in the garden, such as wearing a mask to protect against harmful microbes. They also...

 Cancer as a Chronic Disease show art Cancer as a Chronic Disease

The Cancering Show

In the latest episode of The Cancering Show, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce delves into the topic of cancer as a chronic disease. It's a thought-provoking discussion that challenges our understanding of cancer and survivorship. Dr. Pierce emphasizes that cancering is not just a phase or a battle to be won, but an ongoing journey that requires long-term management and adaptation. She shares insights on the concept of cancer as a chronic disease and its implications for patients, survivors and caregivers. 3 Key Episode Takeaways 1. Chronic Disease: Dr. Pierce emphasizes that cancer is an ongoing...

Choosing Previvorship with Haley Orillion show art Choosing Previvorship with Haley Orillion

The Cancering Show

In today's episode, Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce is joined by the brave and resilient Haley Orillion, who shares her powerful story of undergoing risk-reducing surgeries after learning she carries a BRCA gene mutation. From the societal pressures she faced to the emotional aftermath of her surgeries, Haley opens up about her experiences and ongoing challenges. Dr. Pierce guides us through Haley's journey, emphasizing the importance of support and advocacy, and breaking down complex information for listeners. Join us as we delve into the emotional and practical aspects of genetic mutations,...

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Gina Gregory Cancer Princess Warrior talks with Dr. JYP on the Cancering Show

In this episode, Dr. JYP talks with Facebook Live celebrity and Cancering Warrior Princess Gina Gregory. Gina is a patient at the Mitchell Cancer Institute and has completed two surgeries, lost her hair, finished chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer, and rang the bell twice. Her experience makes her an expert to give a detailed blueprint preparing physically and mentally for anyone's cancer surgery and journey. Plus, get those pens out and jot down all the Warrior Princess tips for pre-op planning, dealing with post-op recovery, chemotherapy fashion choices, and making the best out of a difficult situation.



1. Cancer treatment is a marathon, but it can be managed with preparation, knowledge, patience, and a sense of humor.

2. Be proactive in all phases of your cancer treatment.

3. Seek advice from other patients and ask questions.

4. Always get a port.

5.Be open with your doctors and your family on what you need and want for your recovery and well-being.

6. Millions of others have cancer. Know you are not alone.

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Quotes and Notes

If you are so serious, concerned, frightened, and all of those things, you just, you just have let go and let the process take its course. - Gina Gregory

It's very important to listen to what other cancer survivors tell you. They've been there, and more than likely what happened to them will happen to you. - Gina Gregory

Warrior is a much better, much stronger, more aggressive word than "survivor." - Gina Gregory

Millions of other women have breast cancer; you're going to be okay, just like they are. - Gina Gregory

I rang the bell twice and spent a year of dealing with being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had two surgeries, and I've gone through two phases of chemotherapy and radiation. - Gina Gregory

Just because I have gotten over this portion of treatment doesn't mean that it's ended. Even in remission, cancer is still with me. So, I have to be more proactive. I have to be this Warrior Princess, who is constantly battling this horrible disease. - Gina Gregory

Always a port. Do not even second guess. - Gina Gregory

A blood port is a place that accesses a vein that's always available, and it goes completely under the skin. - Dr. JYP

A lot of oncologists advise patients to keep a port in for up to six months or a year after treatment. - Dr. JYP

All in all my chemotherapy experience was positive. - Gina Gregory

Cancer gives you a lot of perspective because I think everybody goes through very similar things and I think you have to have a sense of humor about all of this. - Gina Gregory

Work out the things you know you will need. Get the wigs ahead of time. I made sure that I had all of the different medications and supplements and other little goodies that people told me that helped them. - Gina Gregory