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The Art of Balance in Life

Christopher Dufey Podcast

Release Date: 09/25/2023

Ever wondered how to strike the perfect balance between family life and pursuing your life's mission?

I mean, the kind of seamlessly integrating family life and your life's purpose.

But what if I told you there's a way to find balance, giving you the best of both worlds?

Yup, it's not a myth. It's not a fairy tale. 

And its exactly what we dive into with my amazing guest Stephanos as we sit down together in this episode.

Timestamps and Highlights:

00:02:58 Struggling with new fatherhood, adjusting to change.

00:07:39 Influence, advice, and mirroring from others.

00:13:22 Balancing values is a challenging yet crucial struggle.

00:16:06 Family and mission are interconnected and fulfilling.

00:20:48 Successful man pursues multiple areas of life.

00:27:02 Men seek father's acceptance and recognition. It scars and forms behaviors/values.

00:31:19 Complex relationships, trauma, pain, death, challenge, low self-worth.

00:34:08 Healing core wounds untangles and transforms everything.

00:39:06 Acknowledging pain, exploring deeper feelings, seeking help.

00:42:02 Celebrate, grieve, and embrace your new self.

00:46:58 Regulate your nervous system for better relationships.

00:49:57 Make time for each other amidst parenting.

00:55:06 Looking at Idaho and Southern California. 

Watch the full episode on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/0jIjwaMG4lY


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