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Interview with Dr. Linda Woodward

Dare2Dream Podcast

Release Date: 11/19/2018

Mindset: Pray, Believe, Receive show art Mindset: Pray, Believe, Receive

Dare2Dream Podcast

I want to share with you a couple of things and I’ll give you an update on my goals for those you don't know I'm going to reach for them - I have posted them this time, these are my goals.

Make it a Dare2Dream Day show art Make it a Dare2Dream Day

Dare2Dream Podcast

I say make today a Dare2Dream Day. Not just this day, but every day. I have a couple of things I just want to pop in and share with you.

Making Wishes Come True show art Making Wishes Come True

Dare2Dream Podcast

It is a season of wishes and making wishes come true. And that is exactly what I hope to be able to do for you, I call My People, My Tribe, those who are out there daring to dream each and every day.

How to Achieve Your Goals show art How to Achieve Your Goals

Dare2Dream Podcast

I am glad that I am here, and I just figured I'd pop in to say hello, and drop a little bit of what I've been thinking about and what was happening. So, I was just looking at my own goals for this year.

Interview with “The Breakout Expert”, Yalonda Haywood show art Interview with “The Breakout Expert”, Yalonda Haywood

Dare2Dream Podcast

Today’s episode is an interview with Yalonda Haywood, “The Breakout Expert”.

Dream Job Roadmap show art Dream Job Roadmap

Dare2Dream Podcast

I am so glad an overjoyed that we are able to connect. I believe nothing happens by accident and it is my prayer that we will stay connected for a very long time and get better acquainted.

Interview with Grief Coach, Heather D. Horton show art Interview with Grief Coach, Heather D. Horton

Dare2Dream Podcast

Today’s episode is an interview with Heather D Horton of H- Squared Group LLC a certified Grief coach.

10 Secret Actions that will lead you to a Six-Figure Altitude part  2 of 2 show art 10 Secret Actions that will lead you to a Six-Figure Altitude part 2 of 2

Dare2Dream Podcast

Scripture: “We can Make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

10 Secret Actions that will lead you to a Six-Figure Altitude part 1 of 2 show art 10 Secret Actions that will lead you to a Six-Figure Altitude part 1 of 2

Dare2Dream Podcast

What can help you to get motivated?


Dare2Dream Podcast

Here are six things I have found help me to stay on track:

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You are listening to Dare2Dream Podcast with Rev. Lisa Ealy and this is Episode 17: Interview with Dr. Linda Woodward


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Who is Dr. Linda Woodward?


Dr. Woodard has over 20 years of experience in workforce and career development. In July 2017 and 2018, Dr. Woodard’s company (LDW Group LLC) won competitive bids and was selected as the One-Stop Operator for the comprehensive American Job Centers (AJC) for CareerSource Northeast Florida (Region 8) and CareerSource Central Florida (Region 12). The One-Stop Operator ensures that the AJC partners provide a seamless customer-focus delivery to services to customers who utilize the One-Stop Center. From 2015-2017, Dr. Woodard served as the Associate VP of Workforce Education and Economic Development for Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ). There, she provided strategic oversight for Continuing Education (CE) open enrollment programming, Corporate Learning and Training Solutions (CLTS) (engagement with the business and industry community to provide contract training, professional services and programs), the affiliated registered apprenticeship programs and federal grant programs including FSCJ’s $5 million DOL Florida Apprenticeship Grant. In her first year at FSCJ, Dr. Woodard and her teams eliminated deficits in both entrepreneurial centers (CLTS and CE) and exceeded revenue goals by nearly 50 percent. She developed fast-track short-term training to meet the needs of employers in the College’s service area; these programs were designed to articulate to the PSAV (Postsecondary Adult Vocational), A.S., and B.A.S. workforce program pathways. Dr. Woodard is knowledgeable of LMI and uses the information to make data-driven decisions. Prior to relocating to Jacksonville, Dr. Woodard was the VP of External Relations and Funding in the workforce division of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) in Cleveland, Ohio. She served two tours of duty at Tri-C from 1998 to 2005 and again from 2011 to 2015. While at Tri-C, Dr. Woodard managed multi-million- dollar workforce grants while having oversight of the division’s resource development, grants management, quality assurance, and the Job Link Services (JLS) department. During her time at Tri-C, Dr. Woodard earned two of the College’s highest awards for a stellar performance: The President’s “Professional Excellence” Award & Executive Vice President’s “Excellence In Action” Award.



Interview Questions:

  • What drives you?
  • What is your Secret to your success?
  • Describe yourself in a few words on one sentence?
  • What Practical steps did you use the get your results? Or to get to where you are today?
  • If you could send a message to yourself 30, 20, 10 years ago what would it be and why?
  • Describe your daily routine
  • What is your mindset/strategy?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
  • How do your values show up at work?
  • Do you have a mantra or scripture you love by?
  • How do you keep balance in your life?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?



Information Mentioned in this Podcast:

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  2. LDW Broken Arrow - http://bit.ly/D2DPodcast2Ph0xQv


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