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Marketing with Integrity with Amy Jacobus


Release Date: 02/01/2022

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After turning around and selling his family business for 8-figures in 2014, Ryan devoted his life’s work to helping entrepreneurs get clarity on how to grow the value of their business so they can create wealth, enjoy work more, and have an impact. Highlights Who Ryan Tansom is and how he helps entrepreneurs How his experience working with founders is and how he started his journey Who he is usually working with How he guides people to make the decision or assess which path to take How to create highly valuable free content that can lead to paid training Which should you consider in...

[1on1] The Litmus Test of Digital Bootstrapped Leaders show art [1on1] The Litmus Test of Digital Bootstrapped Leaders


Anybody can delegate tasks, but there is more to being an effective leader than that. An effective leader gives a major impact not only on the team members they are managing but also on the company they are serving. But other than that, how can you tell that you’re an effective leader? For today’s episode, Raul focuses on the litmus test of digital bootstrapped leaders. He talks about the key focus that a leader should focus on in order to pass the litmus test. Raul also shares what aided him in improving his communication and interpersonal skills that helped him make more connections and...

Physical Marketing In A Digital World with Dennis Kelly show art Physical Marketing In A Digital World with Dennis Kelly


Dennis Kelly is CEO of Postalytics, a fast-growing direct mail automation software company. Postalytics helps marketers do more in less time with streamlined production, integration into the marketing tech stack, and real-time direct mail campaign analytics. Postalytics is Dennis’ 6th startup. He has been involved in starting and growing early-stage technology ventures for over 30 years. Highlights Who Dennis Kelly is How he niched down specifically in direct mail How he started with the direct mail market Why direct mail is making a bigger impact Why some companies are struggling with...

[1on1] 3 Foundations to Real Growth as A Digital Founder show art [1on1] 3 Foundations to Real Growth as A Digital Founder


Running and growing a digital space as a digital founder is hard. However, if you find and win the right clients, deliver the results, and train and inspire the right people, you are on your way to growth. But it takes time, effort, and discipline too. For today’s episode, Raul shares his secret and life experiences towards his growth as a digital founder. He narrates the different foundation pieces that help him grow in the digital space. He also argues that it’s important to focus on the foundation first to ensure growth and success. Additionally, Raul talks about how to solve problems...

Creating Brand Alignment With Grant Flannery show art Creating Brand Alignment With Grant Flannery


Grant is a brand planner with over 15 years of experience from the land down under - Australia. He has won multiple awards for his work both in Australia and in NYC (Cannes, One Show, Effies, Webby's, Clio's, etc). He has a passion for helping brands find and live their purpose whilst developing the most effective strategies and creative work possible. His most recent work for Crayola on the product colors of the world won a Gold Effie and was shortlisted for a Grand Effie amongst other global awards. Outside of work, Grant has been very active in advertising community coaching MAIP students,...

[1on1] The 10 Step Protocol I Use To Maintain Peak Focus & Protect My #1 Asset  show art [1on1] The 10 Step Protocol I Use To Maintain Peak Focus & Protect My #1 Asset


Before you start your day, what is your routine like? How do you maintain focus and productivity all throughout? For today’s episode, Raul talks about the number one asset that we all should have: Maintaining your focus. He also spills the secret behind maintaining focus by sharing his 10-step protocol to maintain peak focus throughout the day. Highlights What Raul’s number one asset is What today’s negative trend is when getting someone’s attention The tools can help you communicate without meeting in real-time What stream of conscious thinking is The 10 step protocol to maintain...

[PRODUCTIVE PROFITS] Building Remote Digital Teams At Scale 101 show art [PRODUCTIVE PROFITS] Building Remote Digital Teams At Scale 101


When you are building a team, what are the characteristics of the team members that you are looking for? Are you looking for someone with leadership experience or a newbie whom you need to teach the basics too? Do you prefer someone with a high educational background or someone who can take all instructions by heart? For today’s episode, Raul shares how he builds remote digital teams. He talks about the structure that he sticks to when it comes to building every team that he builds. Raul also recalls what are the things, as a leader, that you need to do to ensure health, vitality, and growth...

[1on1] How Your Leadership Impacts Your Hidden Team Members show art [1on1] How Your Leadership Impacts Your Hidden Team Members


What’s the characteristic of a true leader? Should you be strong willed, resourceful or strict, even? Being a true leader and how you can impact your team - especially the hidden team members - are the main topics of today’s one on one episode with Raul. He talks about how leadership impacts your team, as well as the responsibilities of a digital leader. He also differentiates the different types of leadership and how you, as the leader, can impact other people’s lives inside or outside work hours. Highlights How your leadership impacts your hidden team member When does thinking stop?...

[PRODUCTIVE PROFITS] The Missing Framework of a $1M Solo Agency Owner  show art [PRODUCTIVE PROFITS] The Missing Framework of a $1M Solo Agency Owner


Imagine being a leader of a small team: What kind of leader should you be to help them develop professionally? If you are growing your team, what can you do to let your members reach your desired level of quality? For today’s episode, Raul talks about the key thing that most agencies lack when it comes to growing your team. He also touches the important topics of minimal level of acceptability and what fractional work is. Raul shares his advice that any agency or team owner can start practicing when building a team which will let your team members reach your level of quality. Highlights ...

[1on1] 7 Step Framework To Empower Your Team To Avoid Burnout  show art [1on1] 7 Step Framework To Empower Your Team To Avoid Burnout


As a leader, you can’t support and encourage your team if you’re feeling stressed and burned out. How can you take care of the other members of the team if you have little time and energy to support yourself? In this episode, Raul answers where burnout stems from and shares his 7-step solution that you, as a leader, can try to help and empower your team to avoid burnout. He also talks about what the true testament of a leader is and counters what will happen if there is no alignment with you and your team. Highlights Is burnout real? What the true testament of a leader is What will...

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What does authenticity mean? How can you incorporate genuine marketing into your business?

In this episode, Raul sits with Amy Jacobus to talk about human marketing. Amy is the founder of Grounded Growth consulting, a comprehensive framework for creating an evergreen brand guide and actionable marketing plan. Amy shares the framework she uses for her clients in improving and investigating the brand and marketing strategy. She emphasizes the importance of good marketing — with integrity and aligned with values. Thus, it is also significant to constantly practice finding your authentic voice.

Tune in to know why feelings are free to get involved in marketing aside from data and numbers.


  • Who is Amy Jacobus? - 0:10
  • Expanding explanation on human marketing - 1:11
  • Everyone is craving for authentic voice - 3:17
  • Is authentic even real? - 5:06
  • Difference of corporate brands from personal brands - 7:27
  • Building feelings and connection: finding loyalty - 9:27
  • Delving into the framework for approaching brand and marketing strategy - 10:58
  • The suggested number of feedback loop: starting small and still - 16:39
  • Executing and syndicating the strategic word: how can it become relevant to marketing? - 17:43
  • Walking through the fear of sharing too much to the world - 22:50
  • Where is the marketing realm heading to? - 24:49
  • How the golden rule works in marketing - 26:24
  • What does Amy do to stay relevant? - 29:36
  • How to connect with Amy? - 31:23

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