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812: The IRA and Everest

Into Your Head

Release Date: 03/07/2024

Neal takes an objective look at Hansel and Gretel and discusses the trouble with heroin, basement-attic philosophy, the IRA on Everest, the argument against thought experiments, broken leg mysteries, the rainy day myth, advice for News Junkies, Einstein’s dog equation, dog narratives versus dog stories, how a trained actor drinks piss, declaring garden weed to the authorities, pisswaffles, the stroopwaffel era of this podcast (circa 2007), reforming how we name our children, pre-registering your death, registering drugs found in your garden, fairy tale time shiftability, things Einstein presumably explained and more.

CLARIFICATIONS: Rev Ian Paisley, deceased DUP leader, was not one of the joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Ireland floating in space, orbiting far above Earth. An asteroid is about to hit Earth. Earth is ablaze. Astronauts are climbing Ireland like a mountain, using ropes. Three cats are sitting on Ireland's rings. Ireland is full of craters like the moon, and has rings like Saturn. It is nighttime on Earth, daytime on Ireland. A NASA moonlander and Mars Explorer are sitting on Ireland's surface. The Moon is smiling. TEXT: Into Your Head dot I E.