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794: Reinventing the Inhaler

Into Your Head

Release Date: 10/21/2023

Cartoon image of podaster viewed from bedhind, at desk in a car park surrounded by coffe cups and energy drinks cans. Albert Einstein is launching a flamthrower from a neaby car.

Neal discusses pre-recorded bungee jump commentary, training podcast listeners, fighting fire with actual fire, gorillas in the news, PC disposal vesus bear disposal, finding a milkman in 2023, life as a margarine factory line foreman, the real reason for the seven year hiatus, how a cat verifies podcast listeners, that excellent ten-part drama about either Freud or Einstein, conversations in a margarine factory, cooking a load of crap, milk truck misconceptions, predecessors to pigs, Apple’s harmonica firewall, how harmonicas could revolutionise healthcare, a song about how Paul McCartney wrote in his sleep and more

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