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Being in FLOW

Reinvent You® Show

Release Date: 08/12/2016

Ready to turn on your flow? George and Rachel discuss how to get into flow to enhance the quality of your life.

"If I can't be myself, and they don't connect with me. Fine! Then, they're not compatible with me". [6:14]

What a great quote from George to start this week’s episode. Today, Rachel and George, dig deeper and explain how to be connected or "in flow" and how we can change our behavior and get more out of our relationships.

Here's what was covered:

  • "They’re being exactly the way they need to be, that allows them to succeed and make the best decisions, and therefore attract a lot of money." [1:45]
  • “What does it means by being "in flow" in a relationship?” [2:38]
  • “What impact do we have when we are incredibly comfortable and truly focused on someone else?” [3:13]
  • "Because you're not over analyzing, [..,], you remove the pressure of yourself to prove that you're good or worthy." [4:06]
  • "What makes us a good listeners, is that we don't have filters in our brain".[4:54]
  • "If I can't be myself, and they don't connect with me. Fine! Then, they're not compatible with me".[6:14]
  • "When you're patient, and you don't jump to conclusions [..,] you get very informed".[7:25]
  • “The beautiful things happen to us when we get more informed.” [7:59]
  • “How do you tell when you're "out of flow" in a relationship?” [9:05]
  • “How does stress affect our relationships?” [9:10]
  • “You can’t have a connection to be informed when you’re shutting down.” [10:13]
  • “We are fearing the ‘What ifs’, and the ‘What ifs’ are plenty. The mind can get creative on the ‘What ifs’, which makes it endless.” [10:56]
  • How to turn get back "in flow" in a relationship. [11:45]
  • How deep breathing helps turn back the flow. [12:00]
  • The importance of the word ‘form’ in ‘Information’. [14:52]
  • How to stay connected and in flow.
  • "Life is abundance, but we have a hard time experiencing that abundance." [19:55]
  • “Abundance is always being there, and nature proves this every day.” [20:34]
  • And much more!

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