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Reinvent You® Show

Based on the highly successful EP7 Process - Reinvent You in 7 Steps, founded by George Helou. The Reinvent You Show (previously called the EP7 Podcast Channel) is hosted by the founder and his co-hosts. The EP7 Podcast Channel was launched to share with you practical and timely advice to improve your confidence, clarity and resilience in all aspects of your life, particularly your relationship with yourself as well as with a partner, family, colleagues and beyond. We hope you also engage the conversation on the EP7 Official Facebook Page. The whole point of the EP7 Podcast Channel, is to share insights and ideas to help us create and improve relationships and realise our most important goals. We decided to dedicate the first series of podcasts to intimate relationships and how closely this interconnects with the relationship with yourself. We look at bad habits and how we seal a relationship’s fate from the moment we begin it, what to do so we are in a position to attract a suitable partner and what it means to grow together. Another area of conversation will be relationships at work, looking at management and colleagues. We explore how to develop work cultures, helping them to move out of office politics and into thriving environments while breaking records.  We also look forward to discussing relationship issues that arise with family members who we love but who do seem to frustrate us more than anyone.  This is where many of us say that our buttons seem to be pushed the most intensely and frequently. Between the podcasts and the EP7 Official Facebook page, our conversation will take place, therefore together with your feedback and participation, you can guide where our adventure takes us.

info_outline Connection 05/25/2021
info_outline 1 Million Acts Of Kindness 04/12/2021
info_outline Beyond Hollywood with Special Guest Model and Actress Ana Lucia Alves 06/12/2020
info_outline The Dark Before Your Light 08/06/2018
info_outline Fitness Wisdom with Special Guest Joey O'Dell 07/30/2018
info_outline Making Social Media Meaningful - Special Guest: Kasia McNaught from Bloom Digital 07/20/2018
info_outline Controlling Your Destiny 06/28/2018
info_outline Avoiding Scammers 06/25/2018
info_outline Knowing Your Worth 06/21/2018
info_outline Your Virus Beliefs 06/18/2018
info_outline Pushed Too Far: Causes of Mental Illness and the Recovery Process 06/14/2018
info_outline Dealing with Rude 06/11/2018
info_outline Healing Heartbreak 06/07/2018
info_outline Pressured Young Girls 06/05/2018
info_outline Coping with Betrayal 05/30/2018
info_outline They won’t say I love you 05/29/2018
info_outline Is Intuition Real? 05/22/2018
info_outline Being Light Hearted 05/14/2018
info_outline The Relationship with Money 05/09/2018
info_outline Addicted to drama 05/09/2018
info_outline Living with Regrets 05/08/2018
info_outline Expectation Vs Non-Attachment 05/01/2018
info_outline Shattering Denial 04/27/2018
info_outline Fractal Patterns 04/16/2018
info_outline Trusting Your Judgement 03/28/2018
info_outline Are You Man Enough? 03/14/2018
info_outline Understanding Your Partner's Worldview 02/27/2018
info_outline Social Anxiety 02/06/2018
info_outline Why Lazy Works 01/29/2018
info_outline Theming your year with purpose 01/22/2018