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#63: Anarchists in the Trump Era, Year One: 2017 in Review, Part III

The Ex-Worker

Release Date: 02/07/2018

#79 – The *Real* Truth About Today’s Anarchists: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times show art #79 – The *Real* Truth About Today’s Anarchists: The Ex-Worker Responds to the New York Times

The Ex-Worker

Anarchists and anti-fascists in general, and CrimethInc. in particular, have been the focus of intense hostile government and right-wing attention and in recent weeks. The latest salvo comes from the New York Times, which on June 30th published “,” drawing on conspiracy theorists and right-wing talking points to argue that violent anarchists are somehow controlling the ongoing countrywide protests, but don’t actually care about Black lives. The article actually calls out The Ex-Worker Podcast by name! While we’re flattered for the attention—who knew we were such a threat?—the...

#78: June 11th—Prisoner Solidarity, COVID-19, and Anti-Police Rebellion show art #78: June 11th—Prisoner Solidarity, COVID-19, and Anti-Police Rebellion

The Ex-Worker

Today we celebrate , an international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. While this is the sixteenth year this date has been observed, 2020 presents an unprecedented context: both the COVID–19 pandemic and the massive uprising sparked by the police murder of George Floyd have shifted our focus and sense of what’s possible. In solidarity with all prisoners, with particular care for anarchists in long-term confinement, we begin by sharing an excerpt from a along with the . To these we add a short interview with a June 11th organizer and supporter of anarchist prisoner ....

#77: Minneapolis Uprising, Part 1—How to Abolish the Police show art #77: Minneapolis Uprising, Part 1—How to Abolish the Police

The Ex-Worker

The killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has sparked a nationwide rebellion against the police and global solidarity efforts. One of the most striking developments is the announcement on Sunday, June 7 by a majority of Minneapolis City Council members that they intend to dismantle the city’s police department. In Episode 77 of the Ex-Worker—the first in a series covering the Minneapolis uprising and its national and global implications—we return to the question of abolishing the police. The episode kicks off with our reflections from these unprecedented first two weeks of...

#76: Anarchist Nurses Speak Out on Survival and Resistance show art #76: Anarchist Nurses Speak Out on Survival and Resistance

The Ex-Worker

Here at , we continue to navigate the COVID–19 crisis by seeking guidance and insight from three anarchist nurses who are working on the frontlines of the pandemic. First, we hear from an anarchist ER nurse from the southwest US who offers reflections on individual and community health, mutual aid projects, and how to stay safe through the epidemic. You’ll hear a brief discussion of the promise and peril of antibody testing and the concept of an . After that, we share a long conversation with two anarchist nurses from New Orleans, Louisiana on a wide range of topics, including harm...

#75: Rent Strike! show art #75: Rent Strike!

The Ex-Worker

This April 1st, people around the world will . In the midst of the pandemic, we are confronted not only with a virus, but with the murderous logic of the market. Before COVID–19 hit, millions already struggled to afford rent, mortgage, or loan payments; today, all but the wealthiest face ruin, caught between either sickness or poverty. It’s inevitable that most of us will not be able to pay the bills next month—but what we do about it is up to us. This episode offers tools, examples, and history to support you and your neighbors in withdrawing your support from the regime of rent and...

#74: Surviving the Virus—An Anarchist Introduction to Pandemic Life show art #74: Surviving the Virus—An Anarchist Introduction to Pandemic Life

The Ex-Worker

The COVID–19 crisis presents both extreme dangers and opportunities. As our lives are threatened by a new virus, our freedom is menaced by authoritarians intent on using this opportunity to set new precedents for state intervention and control. On the other hand, the collapse of the global capitalist economy and unprecedented social crisis are opening possibilities for refusal and resistance that we could not have imagined even a month ago. How can we keep ourselves healthy while resisting the intensification of control and pressing our advantage to undo capitalist relations? To open our...

#73: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 4 show art #73: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 4

The Ex-Worker

DESCARGAR LAS ENTREVISTAS EN ESPAÑOL Just days into the new year, masked encapuchados circle-pitted while burning the church of the Carabineros. That’s how fierce the Friday protests continue to be. Action has somewhat (not entirely!) slowed down on the other days of the week, but anarchists have taken advantage of the extra time to pour energy into organizing: neighborhood assemblies, prisoner defense, and anarchist congresses. Students are burning their university entrance exams—a preview of what’s to come when the school year begins anew in February. We have interviews from the...

#72: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 3 show art #72: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 3

The Ex-Worker

DESCARGAR EL EPISODIO EN ESPAÑOL Has normality returned to Chile? NO! Social peace? Neither! The people don’t want peace without dignity. To borrow a phrase from the situationists, the people don’t want the peace of the graveyard. The revolt has been going on for over a month now. In this episode we have two reports about the day-to-day reality of the demonstrations in downtown Santiago, two interview with anarchists in Santiago and Valparaiso, an analysis on the April 2020 constitutional plebiscite, and a couple of strange, surprise interviews too. If you can help us with Spanish...

#71: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 2 show art #71: Radio Evasión—Dispatches from Chile Part 2

The Ex-Worker

Two weeks of revolt in Chile and there are no signs of it slowing down! In this Radio Evasión dispatch, we bring you up to speed on all the developments in the past week: the president’s attempts to quell the protests with reforms, the lifting of Martial Law, and the cancellation of the upcoming APEC trade summit. We have two communiqués translated into English from Chile, and eight interviews! This episode we tried to focus on not just the combative protests at Plaza Italia downtown, but also represent a little bit of how the neighborhoods on the periphery of the city are getting...

The Ex-Worker #70: Radio Evasión—dispatches from Chile Part 1 show art The Ex-Worker #70: Radio Evasión—dispatches from Chile Part 1

The Ex-Worker

Beginning last Monday, October 14, high school students in Santiago, Chile kicked off a campaign of mass fare-dodging, or evasiones, in response to a 30 peso fare hike. The movement grew quickly and, before anyone knew it, . On the one hand, the government declared a , including a military-imposed curfew. On the other hand, the president and congress have been working hard to offer trablescrap reforms to satisfy the angry and exploited. However, neither the repression nor the reforms have been able to quell the resistance, which today celebrates its anniversary of one week in the streets. To...

More Episodes

In Episode 63 of the Ex-Worker, we conclude our series of reflections on 2017 with an audio version of the recently published essay “Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One.” It analyzes five key turning points in 2017, assessing how anarchists took part and what lessons we can learn for the battles ahead. While recognizing all we’ve accomplished under incredible stress, it argues for the importance of broadening our efforts to challenge authority and dismantle hierarchy in every area of our lives and our societies in 2018. Afterwards, Clara and Alanis debate themes from the essay and our year in review episodes, around relating to non-anarchists on the left, organizational formats, resiliency and care, and more. {Feb 7, 2017}


-------SHOW NOTES------


  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:01}
    • Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One {2:02}
    • Dawn of a New Apocalypse {3:43}
    • J20: A Call to Revolt {6:20}
    • The Airport Blockades: A Message to the Center {13:02}
    • Shutting Down Milo in Berkeley: A Risky Escalation {16:16}
    • Charlottesville: Moment of Truth {19:58}
    • The First J20 Trial: Pushing Back the Reaction {26:25}
    • What We Lost Along the Way {31:25}
    • The Challenges Ahead {33:22}
    • The Centrists {33:53}
    • The Authoritarian Left {38:52}
    • In Conclusion: Expanding the Anarchist Palette {43:09}
    • Reflections {45:58}
    • Prisoner Birthdays and Conclusion {58:45}
  • This episode is based on the recently published CrimethInc. essay “Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One.”
  • The analysis we share in this episode is by no means comprehensive; for a detailed timeline of anarchist activity throughout 2017, check out the this report by It’s Going Down.
  • Prisoner birthdays this month:
    • Veronza Bowers, Jr. 35316–136
      FMC Butner
      Post Office Box 1600
      Butner, North Carolina 27509
      {February 4th}
    • Kamau Sadiki (Freddie Hilton) #0001150688
      Augusta State Medical Prison, Building 13A–2 E7
      3001 Gordon Highway
      Grovetown, Georgia 30813
      Address envelope to Freddie Hilton, address card to Kamau
      {February 19th}
    • Oso Blanco (Byron Chubbuck) #07909–051
      USP Victorville
      Post Office Box 3900
      Adelanto, California 92301
      Address envelope to Byron Chubbuck, address card to Oso Blanco {February 26th}