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Learning to request for and feel appreciation

FamilyConnections Podcast

Release Date: 03/07/2022

Do you often feel like you do so much for your family but no seems to value or appreciate your efforts?

In this episode we outline and discuss what to do in this situation and learn to request for and appreciate the appreciation!

Here's what we discussed: 

Part 1: dealing with yourself

  1. Validate the need for appreciation
  2. Show yourself compassion for feeling this longing.
  3. Notice when you do feel cared for
    1. Name the feeling
    2. Stay with the feeling
    3. Growing resource to draw upon.
  4. Appreciate yourself. Allow yourself to feel good when you do something for others. Pat yourself on the back. Say “that’s like me”.

Part 2: Deal with overfunctioning

  1. Why are you doing what you are doing? Do you feel forced? “I should” “I have to”. These signs that you feel compelled – breeding ground for resentment.
  2. Notice choice. And get in touch with the value and meaning of doing things for your family.
    1. Love for family
    2. Own values about cleanliness for example
    3. Pleasing God

Part 3: Dealing with others

  1. Lead by example. Role model appreciation. Value yourself and value others
  2. Figure out if it is not valuing or not expressing
  3. Speak up: xyz. Not blaming but sharing your experience and need
  4. Request change
  5. Appreciate their appreciation – give positive feedback. It felt really good.
  6. Learn to take compliments gracefully
  7. Grow your circle – build culture of appreciation with friends and colleagues

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