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Joe Colistra - Creating Sustainable, Forever Neighborhoods

The Future of Living

Release Date: 04/11/2019

Joe Colistra believes in the power of community and that if we could share more meaningful data, instead of trying to steal it, we might see advancements beyond our wildest imaginations. This episode is a replay of an early episode of Future of Living. The work Joe and his researchers are doing is making a huge difference in how communities are being designed.

Colistra is Associate Professor of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Kansas. In addition to his work with KU he is the founder of In Situ Design, an international architecture and urban design firm. In Situ has won multiple awards and been published even more. The firm is obsessed with finding ways to use architecture as an instrument for transforming communities.

Joe is uniquely interested in merging new technology into senior living communities. An area often ignored. This conversation covers a lot of ground. In this episode, Blake and Joe discuss:

  • How common technology like accelerometers can be used to diagnose things like dementia and malnutrition.
  • Why population health data is important for governments and developers alike.
  • What Real Estate developers should be considering when creating communities for longevity.

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