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Rhonda Dirvin - Leveraging IoT to Conserve, Protect and Maintain Real Estate

The Future of Living

Release Date: 05/23/2019

Rhonda Dirvin (@RADirvin, TW) is passionate about the Internet of Things and it's potential for improving all aspects of our lives. More than little boxes that talk to us and spout the time and temperature, Dirvin sees a future where IoT aids with conservation, building maintenance, and actually making our lives more secure, rather than being a security risk.

Dirvin is a veteran in the electronics industry with more than two decades of experience. She started her career at Motorola Semiconductor where she spent 17 years. In 2011 she joined Arm where she now drives Arm's marketing and ecosystems strategy for embedded, IoT and automotive. Arm is one of those companies you interact with daily and don't even know it.

In this replay from November 29th, 2018, Blake and Rhonda discuss:

  • The role of the Internet of Things in Building maintenance and energy conservation.
  • What Fog Computing is and how it can be beneficial in the Real Estate world.
  • Privacy and security for everyone using the Internet of Things.

Find Rhonda Dirvin on Twitter, @RADirvin and on LinkedIn. Check out the incredible things Arm is doing at https://community.arm.com.

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