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Passive Investment in Crypto Mining with Nick Bond, Greg Bond, and Nathan Poole

Gary's Gulch

Release Date: 03/03/2023

Integrity - the Key to Success in the 21st Century show art Integrity - the Key to Success in the 21st Century

Gary's Gulch

In the face of artificial intelligence, state controlled mainstream media blitzes and a move to One World Government, how do you remain safe and prosper? How do you know what is true and what is AI or CGI? Integrity is the key. Be consistent and in alignment with who you are. When others seem inconsistent, not in alignment, maybe that is AI. Ask questions. You have to hone your skills of detecting the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Highlights 01:12 - Humans as problem solvers. 02:00 - Stewardship of God’s gifts. 02:18 - Defining integrity. 03:04 - Misconceptions about integrity and righteousness....

MAGA! and 25% Guaranteed Return? show art MAGA! and 25% Guaranteed Return?

Gary's Gulch

I lay out why it is vital to influence those in your circle to vote for freedom over tyranny. This is likely the last time we will get to vote if tyranny takes power in 2025. Please, lay down your reservations about specific issues or mannerisms, this is a simple fight for world freedom over tyranny. We need help from sane Americans to preserve freedom here and across the globe, and to prevent World War III. I also talk about changes you can make in your life, a simple shift in focus that can provide guaranteed returns and propel you towards Agency. Highlights Discussion on Biden’s Tax...

Want Agency? Build the Wall - Asset Protection (Part 2) show art Want Agency? Build the Wall - Asset Protection (Part 2)

Gary's Gulch

We all work hard to achieve Agency for our family and to sustain it after we are gone. Many mistakenly think you can build it with just offense, then protect with defense, but successful families and businesses focus on both consistently. Listen in, we'll build the castle together. Highlights Retirement misconceptions and financial fears. Analogy of the medieval kingdom for asset protection. Political views on Trump’s influence on American prosperity. The risks of open borders and property rights. Different layers of asset protection. Using entities like LLCs for asset protection. The...

Agency is betting on You, Asset Protection (Part 1)  show art Agency is betting on You, Asset Protection (Part 1)

Gary's Gulch

I provide a summary and insights from a course I'm teaching monthly in major cities around the country on how to create and hold onto Agency - you need a good defense. Listen in and if this resonates, come join me at one of these events later this year. We'll be in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, Miami, Orlando and Houston at a minimum. Highlights Importance of defense in asset protection. The parallel paths of protection and wealth accumulation. The risks of relying on market-based financial advice. The dangers of passive investments during economic downturns. Building a...

Agency and Family Banking show art Agency and Family Banking

Gary's Gulch

Agency - What is it, why is it vital to flourishing as a human and how to implement the best tool I know of to bring it into your life for generations, a Family Banking strategy. Highlights The financial lessons learned from losing half his net worth during the Great Recession and his realization of the need for control over personal finances. His philosophy and approach to financial education and control, derived from Ayn Rand's teachings on being a producer and growing agency in one's life. The specialized design of overfunded whole life insurance known as the Family Bank, detailing how it...

Going Vertical With Masterminds And Join Me At An Event This Year! show art Going Vertical With Masterminds And Join Me At An Event This Year!

Gary's Gulch

Do you have skills in your real estate or conventional business that you can share with others so that we strengthen agencies across the country? I share the lessons I've learned from my dear friends and clients Drew and Rachel Thomas while attending their Salon Owner Mastermind last week. And I'm going to be at several events across the country each month in 2024. Come join me for free as a guest. Email or text me if interested. Highlights Future events in Salt Lake City that listeners can attend and learn How his client and friend are successful in the plumbing industry Takeaways from the...

Agency And Freedom Through Business Cash Flow show art Agency And Freedom Through Business Cash Flow

Gary's Gulch

Agency, the ability to live life on your terms, is the product of financial knowledge and cash flowing assets. Most people focus on real estate when seeking cash flow, and while effective, it is extremely slow to achieve. Business cash flow can be and for centuries has been a much faster method and enables agency at a far greater scale than real estate can achieve alone. True agency requires betting on the Number 1 asset, YOU...and a business is a more direct reflection of your value than is your rental property. Highlights The inherent freedoms of living and doing business in Cape Coral and...

Time To Save America And Preserve Global Freedom show art Time To Save America And Preserve Global Freedom

Gary's Gulch

It is time to have conversations with friends and family about what is at risk this November. Please listen and take action - our children and grandchildren are counting on you!   Highlights Issues caused by illegal immigration, imported crime, population manipulation for political advantage. The need for administrative cleanup within departments like DOJ, FBI, even CIA, and returning power to the people. The crucial role America plays on the global stage, in relation to freedom and economy Why Donald Trump's presidency did not cause a war and his contribution to upholding people's...

Agency and Leadership Lessons with Ken Trupke show art Agency and Leadership Lessons with Ken Trupke

Gary's Gulch

Join me and Clarity Advisors Show host Ken Trupke as we discuss the importance of agency in a free society and lessons in culture and leadership I learned with nearly 30 years as a Captain in the Nuclear Submarine force.   Highlights Gary’s beliefs on individual agency and how his services aim to improve his client's situations The need for individuals to maintain control of their lives and assets Gary’s analogy from Jim Rohn about the value of becoming a millionaire – not for the money, but for the personal growth required to achieve such wealth The importance of having control...

Charity and Creating a Family Foundation With My Client and Friend, Craig show art Charity and Creating a Family Foundation With My Client and Friend, Craig

Gary's Gulch

I interviewed a longtime friend, fellow investor and client, Craig from Oregon. He is a second-generation steward of a few hundred doors he and his father built and operated for over half of a century. We discuss the foundations they've built with the agency they've experienced over the years and the benefits of these tools for giving. We get as much as we give when it comes to charity - listen in and find out how. Highlights Craig’s family involvement in his business The current size of his investment portfolio Comparison between Craig's and his parents' foundations Craig’s advice on...

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My takeaways from an exciting passive investment opportunity sponsored by my longtime friends Greg Bond, his son Nick, and their associate Nathan Poole in Orlando, Florida. I toured their facility, am sending investment capital and thought you would like to hear my takeaways.

Email me at [email protected] for a link to a video and photos I took on site.

Episode Highlights

  • Investing in Crypto Mining and Real Estate
  • Exploring the adaptability of a Florida-based company through mining cryptocurrency
  • Getting paid through mining cryptocurrency
  • The different transaction fees and efficiency involving bitcoins
  • What are the benefits of alt coin crypto mining?
  • Maximizing US dollar returns
  • The tax benefits of mining equipment
  • Investing on computers for bitcoin mining
  • The difference between air cooled and liquid cooled equipments for cryptocurrency mining
  • Investment overview for accredited investors
  • Investing in a bear market
  • Benefits of buying mining machines at reduced prices
  • The ROI and returns of investing in crypto mining

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